30 October 2011

Cleaning Out the Magazine Stash

I didn't mean to be incommunicado for so long.  A couple of evenings, I thought I'd write a post but kept getting sidetracked.  I have a couple of posts coming up that might be useful for those who would like to  make things for Christmas - well, things that are not large projects, that is ...

Anyway, in my stash/magazine/book purging, I've finally gotten a list together listing what magazines I have available.  They're also listed on Ravelry, but I've only had a couple of people who are interested.  I know I can recycle them, but I'd rather send them the a good home, you know?

I'm going to make them available until next Sunday, November 6, 2011 at midnight, Eastern U.S. time.  If they are still homeless then, I'll recycle some and take others to the library to put on the sale table.

The easiest way for me to do things is through PayPal, but I'm open to other suggestions.   The prices include shipping, but feel free to bargain with me if you are interested in anything.

Here are your choices; thanks for taking a look.

Interweave Knits 
Sum-Spr-Win 1998 - $30.00
Sum-Spr-Fall 1999 - $30.00
All issues for:
2000 - Sum, Win - $20.00
2001 - $40.00
2002 - Spr - Sum - $20.00
2003 - $40.00
2004 - $40.00
Sum-Spr 2005 - $20.00
All issues for 2006 - $40.00
Winter 2010 - $10.00

Mar-Apr/May-June - $20.00
Mar-Apr/May-June/July-Aug - $30.00
All six issues for 2000 - $60.00
All six issues for 2001 - $60.00
Jan-Feb/May-June/Sept-Oct/Nov-Dec 2002 - $40.00
Jan-Feb/Mar-Apr/May-June/July-Aug 2003 - $40.00
July-Aug/Sept-Oct 2010 - $20.00
Jan-Feb 2011 - $10.00

Vogue Knitting
Fall 2010 - $10.00
Holiday 2010 - $10.00

Threads (sewing mag)
July 2008 - $10.00


Lorraine said...

Bridget- I have given up on buying any of the knitting magazines. With Knitty and Ravelry, there didn't seem to be much that was new.

Happy Halloween to you and the kitties!

Brigitte said...

Gonna peek at my Interweaves, and the Vogues.

Happy Halloween to you and the guys!

Carrie K said...

How sad is it that I have all those and more?