13 November 2012

Pip Speaks! Holiday Tip #1 - Take Some Time

A note from the blog owner:

Pip has decided that he would like to write some posts during the upcoming holiday season.  It seemed like a good idea to me, so here is his first effort.  Enjoy!

Hello everyone, it's Pip!  I convinced my Ma to let me post about some things, because I saw the calendar, and - counting today - it's only a little more than a week until Thanksgiving, and then six weeks until Christmas!  I see things on our TV or hear people talking, and I think I have some important helpful tips for everyone.  So my Ma said that I can post them sometimes because maybe people would like knowing them.

So my first tip is:


(Me relaxing)

True, everyone wants to have a nice Thanksgiving and holiday time, and so you want to feel prepared.  But be realistic.  Don't get yourself all worked up because you feel like you have to do the perfect thing.  Thanksgiving is supposed to be a cozy holiday, when you are with your family and friends and relaxing and just enjoying their company.  Is it nice to have a good meal?  Yes.  Should it be the end-all of your holiday existence?  No.  And if you feel overwhelmed, ask other people to bring something, or even go out and buy the "perfect mashed potatoes" or whatever you feel you must have.

Also, Don't. Go. Shopping.  Because first of all, Thanksgiving is a holiday, and you should not be using it as the day to start your Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa/Mugwump Day shopping.  And people who work in stores have plenty of work coming their way starting the next day, so they deserve a day for their holiday.  My Da has a job in retail, and Thanksgiving is the last chance for him to have a nice, leisurely day before the crazy, busy time that lasts nearly until the end of January.  Also, shopping on Thanksgiving Day is not a relaxing thing to do, besides just being wrong.

I know that my Da and Ma say that their friends feel sorry for them because they have to spend Thanksgiving "alone."  That's crazy!  They're not alone at all - the two of them, plus, me Jetsam, Milo, and Dug have our day together, just like lots of other families.  And it's the best because we just all take time to enjoy being together.  We all get something special to eat, which is wonderful, but the best part is just being all together the whole day.

So remember - you want to relax and enjoy your time off from work, on one of the best holidays of all.  If you don't try to do this, and let everyone else tell you what you should do, what you should cook, etc., you'll end up fighting instead of relaxing.

(Jetsam and I pretend-fighting)


pam said...

What a nice post Pip! I'd better not show this to Smudge, or Patchouli, or Coco, or they'll be wanting to post on my blog!

Michelle said...

Well said, Pip!
One of the best holidays I remember as an adult was a Christmas, not quite 10 years ago. We were snowed in in our part of Central Pennsylvania, so we had no company. Kids were little and they played with their new things all day. I think we made chicken and fries for the kids and appetizers for us. We saved the big meal for later. It was so relaxing and peaceful! (And everybody got what they wanted to eat!)

joanchicago said...

Pip, you are a wise creature. I hope you have a wonderful day alone with your delightful mum, da, and sibs. It's good to know that you understand how lucky you are.

Ann in the UP said...

Excellent advice. You must be a very wise creature!

garret said...

Well said Pip. (By the way, your name makes me think of Great Expectations, in a good way.) I totally agree. I'll probably come back and read this on the twenty-third, as I'm knitting untill the wee hours of the morning.

kathy b said...


You are wise beyond your CAT years.
You are so right , we are not ALONE on the day. WE have our 4 legged babies to share the day with.
Im going to make sure the cats here get some turkey....just a bit

KSD said...

There is most definitely an thread of "relax" in all Pip's thoughts.

Lorraine said...

Pip- I'm all for No Shopping, eating and relaxing.

Cats have the right idea.