29 December 2012

Christmastime Pictures

This is a set of ceramic ornaments that our great-nieces and nephew in Tucson sent made and sent to us last year.   They are too heavy for the tree, or to hang on the windows as suncatchers, so this year it occurred to me to make a garland to hang on the wall - I love the way it turned out!  (Every once ins a while, I actually have a good idea ....)

Does anyone remember the Advent Calendar I was knitting?  I finished it last December, but we didn't hang it until this year.  This is the best picture I could get of it.  I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Technically, each hat and mitten should have a number, 1-24, but I like it this way.

Christmas preparations wore out Pip ...

but he did want to be sure that you saw our tree.

Milo was annoyed that Rudolph was allowed to sit on the table 24/7, 
and he was not!


Christmas Day itself was quite exciting.

Jetsam was ready from the get-go!

Dug was pleased with his gifts ...

maybe a little too much?

Milo and Pip had fun opening their gifts ... 

and Pip made sure that nothing was missed!


We are still enjoying our Christmastime, and I hope that you are too!


Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous said...

So cute! God, I feel like such a sucky cat mother, I didn't get Gypsy the Feline Dictator anything for Christmas! No wonder she's been giving me filthy looks since Boxing Day.

Ann in the UP said...

I loved the pictures of your feline family enjoying Christmas. They are very handsome, indeed!

Lorraine said...

Bridget- Looks like fun times at your place.