21 February 2014

Five Favorites for This Friday

It's time to get back to thinking about the good things from this week, which has otherwise been full of annoying co-workers, epic nosebleeds, a cold, and so many other things.  But it is Friday, and  I'm still here, so something is working, right?

1. Melted ice.  For the past week or so, going outside meant taking your life into your hands unless you were a member of the Ice Capades.  Now, you can actually walk on the sidewalks.  (And when/if you fall, it's up to you to find a reason!)

2.  Fog.  I don't have to drive or fly an airplane, etc., so when it is uber foggy like it is today, I can just enjoy it.  I like the feeling of being tucked away in the universe.  I'm sure I wouldn't enjoy it if every day was this foggy, but fortunately it's not.

3.  Extra cuddly kitties.  Jetsam has been so much more cuddly than usual this week.  Every evening, he has sat on my lap or chest and purred his little head off, and then when I go to bed, he snuggles up right next to me.  The best.

4.  Long-lasting manicures.  Last night, I finally removed my nail polish from my manicure last Friday!  It had only started to chip.  I've never had one last that long, and this week, there was a lot of extra hand-washing, etc.  (see above)

5.  Friday evening.  Full of anticipation, even if your weekend is more or less free of specific plans.  Cozy, homey, and worth every second.

What about you?  I hope you can find some good things from your week to think about.  And no matter what, have a good weekend!


sprite said...

I got a pedicure Friday night and the woman gave me a very relaxing foot massage.

sprite said...

Oh! And I hit a major goal of mine: I paid off the last of the credit card debt I accumulated in and immediately after college. Now I can start saving money!

Michelle B. said...

I'm super-excited for the weekend. I'm flying to Florida on Sunday to see my Dad and my aunt and uncle from Michigan are going to meet us there! It will be a great week catching up with family. The 80 degree weather's not sounding too bad either! I'm hoping to start a sock while I'm there with some of the yarn you sent me too.

I love snuggly kitty time!

kathy b said...

Im thankful for your prompt!

WE did not flood and roof did not leak in the crazy weather this week.

I can have a cozy weekend without working until monday and I STILL get a thrill out of that. Working weekend program was sooo harsh ...

Caffeine Girl said...

The weeks go so fast at this time of the year. I am especially appreciative of my awesome coworkerss who keep me from taking things too seriously.

KSD said...

I like fog, too. It reminds me of driving home from horse shows with my Daddy.

Mereknits said...

My surprise was a pinch of time on Thursday to get a pedicure, oh I love, love, love them.