25 April 2014

Five Favorites for This Friday

I decided to try doing this post to help me get back into the swing of things.  If nothing else, it always makes me happy to think of things from the past week that made me feel good.

1. Easter weekend.  The weather was nice, my niece and her husband were here, we did our usual inappropriate egg decorating contest, and we took Dug for a walk on Easter Sunday, wearing his bunny ears.  He got all kinds of extra attention, which made for one happy pup!

2. A day off on Monday.  I took Easter Monday off, and had a combination of a day where I relaxed, and also accomplished some small projects.

3. Extra cuddly kitties.  I don't know why, but I'm not complaining!

4. Gift yarn.  A local woman I know only through Facebook has offered me a skein of her homespun yarn that I mentioned really liking when I saw it months ago.  She sent me a message saying that because it didn't sell at the store where I'd seen it, she'd like to just give it to me.  I think that is one of the nicest things ever.

5. Silly jokes.  A sports bar near us has a different saying/joke on a blackboard in the window each day.  This week, there were two that amused me:  Q - Why do girls travel in odd-numbered groups?   A - Because they can't even.  And then: Q - Why was the blonde standing on the roof?  A - Because she heard drinks were on the house.

I hope your week has included at least one or two things that made you feel good.  Have a lovely weekend!


Nancy said...

Ooh, homespun yarn to play with - sounds like a project might be brewing.

kathy b said...

So happy for your FUN yarn acquistion Surprise yarn rocks! so nice of her.

Love your jokes too

Kym said...

I took Easter Monday off, too. It was wonderful. (Wish I could do it again tomorrow. . .)

Mary said...

sounds like the malaise is lifting a bit... and you certainly never lost your terrific sense of humor!

Lynn said...

LOL My dd told me the cant even joke!! And I always love a good blonde joke, was one once so I can laugh at them!!! :)

And what a nice thing to get a surprise addition to your stash!!! Those are always fun!