03 April 2014


I'm glad you enjoyed my Ten on Tuesday list - it was fun to do, and I also got a real charge out of reading others' lists!

I do have to tell you though, that all of the things on my list were true.  I know that some people were intrigued by certain things, so here are brief details for any interested parties.  :-)

1. I am the youngest in my family, and have two older sisters. One sister lives in West Virginia, and the other in California. 

2. I am left-handed.  Always have been.  I was given instructions as a child by my mother to let her know if any teacher ever DARED to make me use my right hand.

3. I was once kissed by Willard Scott.  There's a long story that goes with this, but the short version is that when we lived in Chicago, the "Today Show" did a week of filming there, and one day when we had already planned to take the day off, we decided to go and watch the filming.  Not thinking about the hour's time difference, we arrived as the "talent" was leaving.  And the rest is Ten on Tuesday list history.

4. My belly button is fake.  As a result of one of my many surgeries where some of my innards were rearranged, the plastic surgeon created a new belly button for me.

5. I have - on more than one occasion - won a "Mr. Ed" sound-alike sing-off.  I think this one is pretty self explanatory.

6. I didn't graduate from high school, but I do have a master's degree.  In the beginning of my senior year of high school, I caught pneumonia.  By the time I was well, the principal said I would need to wait until the next year to return to school.  I'd already been accepted to colleges, who were willing to still allow me to attend.  So I never experienced senior year.  Which was actually fine with me, since I hated high school.

7. I have been to tea at the White House twice.  When I worked for a U.S. Senator, I was the appointments and tour person, and we would be invited every year to the White House for tea.  Unfortunately, it was during the Reagan years, but fortunately they were out of town each time, so I attended and enjoyed myself, since there was no chance of running into those vile people. 

8. One of my brothers-in-law wrote a musical based on the life of philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, which was actually performed one time.  I have the CD of the soundtrack.  This particular factoid often allows me to win hands-down in "Whose Family Is the Weirdest" conversations.

9. As a kid, I had a green and yellow parakeet named Tony Tetrazzini.  He was the best.  He used to do all kinds of tricks, and was willing to "play school" though he was not the most attentive student.  :-) 

10. People always think my name is Gretchen.  My college advisor called me by that name for four years.  He'd say, "Yes, I know your name isn't Gretchen, but it's easier for me this way."  

So now you know ...


Nancy said...

Interesting stories behind these factoids. You've led an interesting life.

Danette Bartelmay said...

Hey Bridget!
I read through yesterday's list and am laughing out loud at today's!
What an interesting person you are and what an interesting life you have had :-) Right down to your fake belly button!
Have a Great Day Gretchen!
I usually get called Denise or Annette or Janette or Lynette and sometimes even Donut ~ REALLY?!! DONUT?!!!

Bonny said...

Yours has to be one of the most interesting lists I read, and very unique in a truth-is-stranger-than-fiction way! Thanks for the great list and sharing details!

Lynn said...

Gretchen is easier than Bridget?!?! Yikes!!! :)

great and interesting list!

Michelle B. said...

So much fun!
My grade school principal, Sr. Mary Magdalena, called me Janice for nine years. I never did find the courage to correct her. This was back in the days when nuns wore the full habit.

Mary said...

love knowing the details behind all those facts! interesting and fun!

Kym said...

LOVE your list -- and even more so when you add the details!