06 June 2014

Five Favorites for This Friday

It's time for me to remind myself again of the things that have made me happy this past week.  I try hard to remind myself of something every single day, but since Fridays are happy days in general (leading to the weekend), I especially like to end on a good note here.  :-)

1.  Springtime.  Though I must admit that my allergies are driving me nuts, we are inally having a real spring.  Most days are in the 70s (or occasionally in the low 80s), and the nights are comfortable for sleeping.  Just being out makes you feel good!

2.  Free yarn!  I think I mentioned here before that someone was going to give me some of her handspun for free.  Well, we finally got together the other night after work, and not only did I get free yarn, but spent a fun time getting to know her a little.  (A two-fer, if you think about it.)  I'll take pictures and share soon.

3.  A wonderful thank-you note.  First of all, it was mail that was actually addressed to me from another individual (as opposed to a company, etc.).  Kim sent me the most amazing, kind thank-you note ever.  And it was a nice surprise, since she was thanking me for something I wasn't really conscious I had done ...

4.  Flowers.  A lot of people in our neighborhood, and in the rest of the city have flowers growing in window boxes, and/or planters, pots, etc. in front of their houses.  They are just happy - not "planned" or formal, just happy, bright flowers growing almost wherever you go.

5.  Wind chimes.  When we were home over the Memorial Day weekend, we bought a set of wind chimes and hung them in the garden.  They are not very "noisy" even when it's really windy, but when I hear them, it just makes me smile every single time.

What about you?  Did you have some favorites from the past week?  I sure hope so.  Have a happy springtime weekend!


Nancy said...

A great list of favorites!

Isn't it fun to meet new people who share a passion for fiber.

Patty said...

Wonderful reasons to be happy! Free yarn - awesome! Have a wonderful weekend!

Linda said...

My allergies are also really driving me nuts this spring!!
I'm extremely allergic to honeysuckle and it is blooming all over!

One of my favorites this week just happened tonight. Driving home from dinner, I saw a little bird flitting by the car. I looked up and it was yellow finch! Made me smile!

Linda in VA

KSD said...

You deserved it.