04 October 2014

Saturday Randomnosity

I'm pretty sure that is not really a word.  But it is now at least in my personal lexicon.  I don't know that it will ever reach the popularity of my favorite personally-made-up word, "Elstwise," but there you go.

Anyway, my brain is to scattered to focus on a focused post so you get this one.

I have just started two pairs of socks.  One pair is for myself, and is Halloween themed.  The other is a pair for The Tim, allegedly for our anniversary on October 28.  Or his birthday on November 18.  Or for Christmas ...

Added to just generally feeling like crap, I am now getting a cold.  Great.

Tomorrow, I'm going to go to Rosie's for a few hours, to see how I do.  I'm not doing a whole shift, but I want to see if I can handle at least a little time.

Apparently I am the only person not worried about getting Ebola.

The Phillies sucked this year, the Pirates lost in the wild-card game, so now I want the Baltimore Orioles to win the playoffs and go to the World Series.

Though I have now lived in Philadelphia for many, many years, I will likely never pronounce the word "street" as "shtreet."

Also, in Philadelphia, there is a Street Road.  That always amuses me.  I do not, however, think there is a Road Street.

Unlike the rest of those around me every day, I am looking forward to the cool weather of fall.

Not everyone has to love animals like I do, but I am suspicious of people who don't like animals at all.

Also, people with no sense of humor concern me.

It's a cool, rainy day here.  Perfect for staying in and watching the Notre Dame football game on TV.

Next Saturday, Dug and I will be participating in the Mutt Strut!  We had so much fun last year, and this year we have even gone past our [admittedly humble] fundraising goal! Having said that, you are more than welcome to still donate here.

I am also looking forward to next weekend because it is a long weekend for us - we get the day off for Columbus Day.  Yes, I know it celebrates someone now considered a monster, etc., but it's A DAY OFF PEOPLE, LEAVE IT ALONE!!

And on that happy yet threatening note, my blathering for the day is finished.

Have a wonderful weekend!  :-)


sprite said...

That's a gorgeous shot. Have the colors changed that much in Philly already? We've hardly got any color yet here in D.C.

Anonymous said...

I'm not too worried about the Ebola thing either, even though there is someone showing "signs of Ebola" here in Florida. He probably just got bad Cuban food. ;-/

I know Street Road. I lived close to it. LOL Always cracked me up too.

Yeah .... people with no sense of humor are a bummer.

Hope you have a great day at Rosie's! :-)

Chris said...

Love your post today! Lot of sour pusses and nitpickers out there that's for sure. Knitting socks is the best! Love your fall colours.

Nancy said...

Enjoy your day off - put your feet up and knit.

Mereknits said...

I love Fall too, our high today will be 78 glorious degrees! I am an animal lover myself. So sorry you are getting a cold, big bummer. I am not worried about Ebola, nor a lot of other things the media likes to get all crazy about.
Wishing you a lovely long weekend,

Caffeine Girl said...

I've got some kind of flu/cold, too. Sucks, doesn't it?

I cannot converse with people who have no sense of humor. It's like they speak a foreign language!

Lorraine said...

Bridget- We have an" Avenue Road" I've never really thought about that until now.

elns said...

I am a fan of your "Randomnosity" post. People who do not have a sense of humor do not concern me, I'm actually scared of them.

I think you have an excellent sense of humor.

I like your comfortability with the moving deadline/target date for your knitting. We can definitely be friends.

I'm sorry you feel crappy. Get well soon. And I am SO with you on Columbus Day.

Kym said...

We have Lovers Lane here in Kalamazoo. Always cracks me up. Those are beautiful fall colors. (And I LOVE "elstwise." I'm going to look for reasons to use it.)

Lynn said...

I'm with you on Ebola. I'm not too worried abt it yet. I'm more worried abt the enterovirus 72 that is effecting the kids. I have kids with asthma so anything like this always gets my attention.

Ans what a beautiful picture of fall!!!