09 December 2014

On to the Next Important Thing

You may or may not recall that I had signed up for a swap that Kim was hosting.  I love swaps, but have learned that most of them are kinda difficult for me, in that a lot of time you are supposed to knit something for your recipient, and being a slow knitter, that can become stressful.   However, this particular swap was low-key, and though it included something you made, it did not have to be something major.

Anyway, to review, it was called the TIS swap:

T = a tablet of some kind (hopefully not generic) for writing lists, notes, etc.

I =  initial - something related to the person's initials

S = seasonal, meaning fall, winter, Christmastime, Thanksgiving - you get it, right?

I received an amazing package from my secret swap partner, Alyssa.

Upper left corner: an owl notebook!  Yay owls, I love them!  Thumbs up on the T portion ...

Middle:  CHOCOLATE!  Good chocolate, many kinds, some of which is already long gone.  :-)  Thumbs up on the I portion (using the initial of my last name for this one).

Bottom:  A painting that she did just for me!  Of a CHRISTMAS tree, no less!!!  Super thumbs up on S for Seasonal.

Oh this is just a collection of wonderful things, wouldn't you agree?  And to receive it when the holiday season was just getting underway was even better, as it was just another little happy push in that direction.  Alyssa said she is a reader of my blog, which makes me happy, since I have been a reader of hers as well.  What a wonderful swap - Kim, it was a great idea, thank you!


(now in a frame and on display ... also, straight, not as it appears in the photo that makes it look crooked ...)

Aly, thank you so very much, I loved everything in my package, and appreciate the time you put into making this for me.

I truly do love Christmastime, but I know you are not surprised to learn that if you have read this blog for more than five minutes.



Caffeine Girl said...

What a fun swap!

KSD said...

You're welcome! I had no idea Alyssa painted --- but I shouldn't really be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeedy ....a wonderful swap package. I love the little painting.

Merry (almost) Christmas!