23 December 2014

To Do, To Do, and Then, Ta Dum?

Well, in case you haven't noticed, Christmas Eve is tomorrow.  This week, Carole wanted us to share our "To Do" lists, figuring that although everyone is likely pretty busy, we all have lists of what we still want to accomplish, so we could share.  Works for me.  :-)

So here (in absolutely no particular order) are 10 Things on My To Do List:

1.  Finish - or come as close as possible to finishing - a pair of socks I am knitting for The Tim.  I really thought I had this one covered, but failed to find out until late Sunday night that he would be home on Monday evening.  Now, for YEARS he has worked every single Monday night, so it never occurred to me to look at his schedule to see if that was still the case this week.  Apparently someone else needed to be somewhere during the day, and he kindly switched with them.  Which is a nice thing to do.  But it means that my planned timing to be certain the socks are done was thrown a huge blow.  He is working a long day tomorrow, so I'll do as much as I can then, in between other things.  Like the next item.

2.  Wrap gifts.  This was another thing I was gonna do on Monday night.  I still could have, but The Tim wanted to make our fave Christmas cookies, the little shapes made with the cookie press, and since we hardly get to do any Christmas stuff together with his work schedule, the wrapping got moved to tomorrow as well.  The cookies turned out well, taste good, and it was fun, so no big deal.

3.  Finish setting out the very last Christmas decorations.  They are mainly stuffed things, and I had to wait until The Tim could get them out of the highest shelf in the closet.

4.  Prepare Christmas Eve dinner.  I am responsible for Christmas Eve dinner, since The Tim does not usually get home until around 7:00 p.m.  I have all of the ingredients for our traditional Christmas Eve Risotto, so tomorrow afternoon I just need to get it all going.

5. Stop at the market and get some cream cheese.  Not just because we finished what we had over the weekend with bagels, but because I also need it for the Holiday Cheeseball.

6. Also at the  market, get some "special" food for Santa to leave for Dug.  Santa usually brings the kitties and Dug a can of food that they usually don't get.  I remembered to get kitty food, but forgot about the Doodle Dog!

7.  Speaking of Dug, take him for our annual Christmas Eve walk.  We have reindeer antlers that he actually loves to wear, because he knows that they mean he gets extra attention.  So every Christmas Eve afternoon, I put them on him and we walk through Rittenhouse Square.  He loves it, and is usually a big hit.  Lots of people who looked kinda stressed actually manage to smile.  And I always tell him that if he can make even one person smile on Christmas Eve, he's given them a wonderful present.  (I just hope it doesn't downpour tomorrow - rain is one thing, but downpours another!)

8.  More baking.  There are still some things I'd like to make, so that will be one of my weekend projects.

9.  Enjoy myself.  It's Christmastime!

10.  Relax.  It's Christmastime!

We'll be having a wonderful time at our house - I hope you will be too!


Kwizgiver said...

How fun that your fur friend loves the attention of antlers! I would love to see that.

margene said...

Here's to a very, very Merry Christmas!!

Chris said...

Sounds like my list too. I envy people who have it all organized and done days ahead of time, maybe next year!! Have a Merry Christmas!!

Lorraine said...

Bridget- To you, Tim, the kitties and Dug, have a wonderful holiday.