24 March 2015

Say Cheese!

Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is: Your 10 Favorite Cheeses.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a cheese lover.  If I didn't love it so very much, I could possibly consider becoming a vegan.  But a) I don't really want to, and b) I love cheese too much to give it up easily.

Anyway, in no particular order, and as they came into my brain, here is my list:

1.  Swiss cheese.

2.  Cream cheese.

3.  Cottage cheese and ricotta cheese.  Different cheeses, but a similar category of cheese to me.

4.  Cheddar cheese - particularly horseradish cheddar!

5.  Sharp provolone - I like regular provolone, but given a choice, I'll take sharp.

6.  Brie cheese.  A few years back, a friend of mine sent us a 2-pound wheel of brie cheese for Christmas.  Trust me, that's a LOT of brie.  However, we made the sacrifice necessary and finished it ...

7.  Blue cheese and gorgonzola cheese.  Though they are different cheeses, I think of them as similar, and love them both.

8.  Smoked gouda.

9.  Mozzarella - especially those fresh mozzarella bites you can get at cheese shops!

10. Parmigiano Reggiano - this is my favorite cheese to put on the top of pasta.

So many more cheeses ...  there are not many that I *don't* like, and my "favorite" changes pretty regularly!

What about you - are you a cheese fiend?


RedSetter said...

Oh my Lordy I love cheese. I am sadly known by staff in my last job that I've never met before because of my legendary love of smelly, stinky cheeses.

Some of my faves are:

pecorino tartufo - pecorino with a layer of the scrummiest black truffle

Brie de meaux - esp when runny

vintage cheddar - grand strong stuff, none of the woosey mild nonsense.


Vintage gruyere




Stilton or any other blue cheese and stronger the better


I am really lucky as where I live there are two fabulous cheesemongers locally who do amazingly wonderful ordinary cheeses and fabulous special cheeses.

Donna said...

I forgot about ricotta! So make that two cheeses that I like - mozzarella and ricotta!

Lydia said...

Oh yes, cheese fiend would describe me quite well. It is a food I'd never want to give up.

Marie said...

I like all those cheeses you list, but I think my favorite is cream cheese. I could eat that stuff with a spoon! Whenever I bake a cake, it MUST go with cream-cheese frosting or it doesn't get made. I could eat that stuff with a spoon, too (and often do!). I love brie almost any way, but especially baked in puff pastry, with a fruit & pecan sauce topping. Yum!!

Caffeine Girl said...

I love all those cheeses, but my favorite is Fontina. I could live on broccoli and melted fontina!