30 March 2015


The past week has been one of those where I have done just too much thinking - not that thinking is bad, but I get into these spells of thinking too hard and too long over things, and I drive myself insane!  These are not things like, "Can I pay the bills?" or "What should I fix for dinner?"

Instead, I think about when/where/how I will die.

Or what will happen to my pets in that event.

Will I die first?

Why do people - myself included - judge others so easily?

Have I done anything worthwhile for anyone while I've been on this earth?

What could I have done?

What can I do?

Why don't we have any chocolate in the house?

Does God really exist?  (I think so, for what that is worth.)

And on and on and on.  Big things, small things, unanswerable things.  Some things that are entirely too self-absorbed.

Does anyone else have times like this?  I think I deal with them well, but in my case, I also find it exhausting.

Then this week, I seem to have caught the cold that The Tim had last week.

I tell you, it's like my mother used to say, "It's either an a** or an elbow with you, isn't it?"

Have a good week - and try not to do more any more thinking than you have to!  :-)


Caffeine Girl said...

I love the juxtaposition of God and chocolate. Doesn't that just sum up the conundrum of life?

I have similar questions, both profound and not!

Kym said...

I get to thinking like that, too. That's why I journal . . . it keeps me from getting overwhelmed at times like that. Writing it down seems to stop "the swirl" of thought for me. Hope your mind settles and your cold is over quickly!