18 August 2015

Not Quite Ten on Tuesday

Even though I don't participate every time, I always look forward to the topic for Ten on Tuesday.  The person who coordinates it, Carole, is on vacation for a couple of weeks, and so it is not "officially" happening.  As a result my dears, I fear that you are stuck with thoughts and activities that are going on with me right now.

First of all, thank you so much for your kind and very encouraging comments on the completed back of my Custom Fit Sweater!  I know a lot of you are big-time sweater knitters, and it's not big deal to you, but it feels like a major accomplishment to me.  I'm ready to start on the front, but want to wait until I have a quieter evening, so I can get myself well underway.  But it's definitely gonna happen.

As you may or may not remember, back in May, our Pip kitty had to spend nearly a week at VHUP because he was suffering from a urethral blockage.  He is much better, and fortunately has not had any recurrences, but apparently it traumatized him more than we realized, as he has been spraying.  Ugh.  We are doing pretty well at cleaning up and our house doesn't smell as awful as it could.  The vet had us put him on a special stress-reducing food, and we bought three Feliway diffusers and put one on each floor.   That was a little more than two weeks ago, and he really hasn't improved.  So the vet has now prescribed a relaxer medication in a transdermal gel that we will put inside his ear flap to see if that helps.  I'm just grateful it's a gel, since getting Pip to take a pill was a multi-hour, multi-person operation.  Hopefully this will help.  Poor Pipster - he used to be the most chill of the kitties!

Heat.  Humidity.  They need to leave.

Tomorrow is my last class in my 5-week session of learning how to use Pilates equipment.  I've really enjoyed the class, and even in just these five weeks, have made progress and become more flexible.  There's another 5-week session for the next level, but I don't think I can afford it right now.  I'll try to do my mat Pilates at home regularly, so I don't lose whatever I gained in the class.

I know a few of you appear to be regular readers of my other blog.  Last week, I started what I hope will be a regular Friday or Saturday event, and shared various links with anyone reading.  I know I always enjoy those posts on other blogs, as long as that isn't all that is ever there!  But anyway, here is last week's post, if you care to look.

My great-nieces and great-nephew in Tucson recently had their photograph taken by a professional photographer who is a friend of their mom's, and wanted to build her portfolio.  I love the photo they sent to us, and decided to share.  I don't often have pictures of them, so I feel that they don't get "equal time," as it were.

From right to left:  Jude, Lola, Anya, Omi (Naomi)

They are great kids, and even though we have only seen them in person a few times, we keep in touch via Facebook, Twitter, my sister, and regular old snail mail.  We are hoping to make a trip west to see them, as well as their cousins and my sister and her husband.  Maybe next spring.

That's it for now.  What's new with you?


Kym said...

What a charming photo! So nice that you can find ways to forge a relationship with far-away relatives. (I only wish my husband's family would have been willing to do that. . . ) Sorry about your dear kitty! Hope things improve soon. And good for you with the Pilates! I've been doing mat Pilates for years (deciding not spend any more than my usual gym membership for the reformer classes) and find them to be effective --- when I go regularly! (Always the trick with fitness activities. . . )

Caffeine Girl said...

Pilates is such a good idea. I'm working on yoga now, but I'd like to move on to pilates at some point.
And what beautiful children! They look so happy and open.

Anonymous said...

Cute kids.

What's new with me???? New computer. It is really great, but driving me just a little crazy as I try to figure out the nuances.

It really messed up my Facebook page. It was so bad I just decided to make a whole new account. :::sigh:::

On the other hand .......it's a really COOL computer. LOL

Araignee said...

Yes...heat and humidity need to leave. Now!
I hope kitty is soon on the mend. Poor thing. Poor you. Spraying is no fun. We went through it last winter and it was a nightmare.

Lorraine said...

Bridget- What a lovely family.

Those plugins did nothing for KC. They either work or they don't. I hope you get poor Pip's problem sorted out. Kitties are so sensitive.

psst: September is almost here.....

elns said...

That is a really nice photo. I don't know why I forget about your other blog, I think I need to add it to my Happy Places. I'm sorry about your kitty. Poor thing. I am happy to hear that you enjoy Pilates so much. All that core work. What's a core? hahahahha!

kathy b said...

Bridget....they are LOVELY children. Young people. WE are in good hands in the future I say!
Prozac for our Tank who was having bloody urine.....HE has always been a NERVOUS cat, so it was sooner than later. So far he's doing much better..and so am I

Claudia Bugh said...

Beautiful shot of the kids!!! Nice to catch up with what's been going on in your world. It may be warm now but keep knitting on that sweater you will need it in a few months!