30 January 2016

A Slow Start - But the Year Is Young

So January was not a great knitting month for me.  It was more of a "thinking about knitting month," and though that is fine, it doesn't necessarily translate into finished projects, right?

But the year is young - I mean, tomorrow is the last day of January, and there are 11 more months to go.  This is also a leap year, so we even have an extra day.  I know I'll make progress, even if I don't meet my nebulous knitting goals.

Fortunately, other people are *doing* knitting instead of only thinking about it.  And so here we are at the end of the month, and two things are already completed for Harry's Hundred!

I shared the link for the page on one of the Ravelry groups I read, where people knit from their stash.  There was a thread within that about knitting for charity, and fortunately, a couple of people were happy to let me know how they were going to participate.

The very first thing completed was by GringaTurista (Rav link):

She made these mittens to donate to the Warm Up Cleveland Project, which - as a librarian - makes me love them even more!  After seeing these, I checked out her project page, and decided I want to try this pattern at some point as well.

And then my good friend Kim showed a scarf she had knit on her blog:

Talk about cozy-looking!  I can only imagine how smooshy and soft this feels around your neck, and how happy someone will be to have it for their very own.  

Thanks to both of these wonderful ladies for making someone happy and warm as part of this project, as well as getting things officially started!  

Goal = 100 items
Tally so far = 2 items

You know what they say - every journey begins with one step ... or in this case, two.  :-)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and the rest of January!


Danette Bartelmay said...

Every month is different, isn't it Bridget?
Sometimes LIFE gets in our way when we just want to play with YARN...

Araignee said...

Nice start! I'm digging through the stash now looking for something warm and cozy to start my first project.

Mereknits said...

11 months to go, it sounds crazy but I feel like Christmas is looming already!

handmade by amalia said...

Great mittens. I have no idea what happened to January, it just flew by.

elns said...

Great projects with a great attitude about the beginning of the year. I needed some straight talk like that, reminding me about how much there is to do and enjoy instead of ... well, my instead attitude. I love knitters.