05 April 2017

A New Habit

No, I'm not joining the convent.  HAHAHAHAHA!

Oh Lord, that was lame.  However, since I am starting this post at lunchtime at work, and needed a laugh, I'll leave it there.  I actually thought of another homemade joke last night and I'll share it because maybe it will get all the lame out of my system for now.

Q:  When someone needed to go to Iraq, what did Trump do?
A:  He went to Jared.

 ... but you have to admit, it's no more annoying than those stupid commercials.


I'm hoping that I will develop a new habit, starting with this post - and if not an every-week-habit, one I will want to do more often than not.  I enjoy the Think-Write-Thursdays, and Kathy's Quora, even if I don't participate every week.  So I want to join in the fun when I am inspired with Kat and her Unraveled Wednesdays.  Here we go.

What am I reading?  Well, I'm about halfway through this book, and enjoying it quite a bit.  Though I've heard of a lot of the people in the book, some are new to me, and I think the author is doing a good job of making the story both realistic, touching, and also amusing in many ways.  Hopefully I'll like the rest of it as much as I like it so far.

As for knitting, I started the second of the socks in the Ty Dy yarn last night, while listening to some podcasts.  As is often the case, I had to cast on and rip out a few times before it worked, but I did finish the cuff.

And speaking of cuffs, over the weekend I cast on and completed the cuff of the second sleeve of my Custom Fit sweater - whaaatttt???  Yep, once this is knit, I'll block the pieces and be ready to put it together.  Which makes me nervous for a number of reasons, but onward anyway.

I would really like to get both of these project finished or nearly finished because we are taking a trip soon, and I want to start something new to take along - I have yarn just sitting there waiting!  But that's a story for another day.

What are you crafting?  What are you reading?  Join in, or feel free to share in the comments!


Tired Teacher said...

I just finished reading Being Mortal and was surprised how it reflected a lot of my thoughts about cancer treatments and about hospice care. I haven't connected with a book like that in years. Netflix has been on during my knitting and sewing times. Thirteen Reasons Why forced me to think about the 33 years I spent in working with teenagers. The series is compelling and troubling. I sincerely hope I didn't miss any cues of bullying, harassment and threats of suicide. Yesterday I started reading The Crossing by Michael Connelly and lost myself in it today. Not much knitting happening here. Sigh.

Kym said...

I've become totally captivated by the helical stripes thing . . . so I'm knitting hand warmers using this new technique. Fun - and sort of addictive. And . . . listening to podcasts while I'm at it!

Bonny said...

I did not think the "new habit" joke was lame at all! In fact, that was the mental picture I got when I read the title - a nun with new clothing. :-) You are making inspiring progress on your socks and sweater. I'm also inspired by your "onward anyway" - something I will need to keep in mind.

Vera said...

I did laugh out loud at your jokes. God, I hate those Jared spots on TV.

Your book looks like a fun one (I enjoyed The Aviator's Wife) - i'll have to look for that one.

A trip????? Do tell! Anxious to see your finished sweater.

PS. Will you be coming to Steel City this weekend?

Anonymous said...

Might have been lame, but I'll admit ............I laughed.

Reading: Mostly magazines right now. I cannot concentrate enough to get into a book. Don't know WHAT the problem is and I hope it resolves itself soon.

Knitting: Tonight specifically - The Coziest Memory blanket. I'm working on square five.

Earlier today I turned the heel on my Solar socks and started down the gusset.

Love that bright red of your sweater cuff.

handmade by amalia said...

I love new habits. But it is only the bad ones that stick :-)

Araignee said...

I need to get my custom fit sweater going. I have the yarn sitting here staring at me.
I just finished Born a Crime by Trevor Noah and am halfway through All the President's Men. With all the Watergate talk I needed to get the facts straight. I am surprised at what a good book it is. I can't stop listening.

Nance said...

@Pointy Little Sticks--Not being able to read has been the affliction of my post-menopausal life. It is heartbreaking for me, a lifelong reader and former English/literature/Creative Writing teacher.

I've been knitting along whilst enjoying "Absolutely Fabulous" on Netflix. I was a devotee during its first run on cable, and I was so happy to see it available. Now I can knit away while listening and glancing up and laughing all over again. British TV is my weakness.

Lorraine said...

Bridget- A trip? Going somewhere nice?

The Well Fed Wheel said...

I'm listening to "The Inn at Rose Harbor" while knitting on the Begonia Swirl. It should be real interesting to see how this combination of activities works out. Lace charts tend to be pretty chanllenging for me so I'm hoping listening while knitting won't turn out to be disastrous. LOL. I had a good chuckle from your joke and a new knit and a trip sounds so fun!!!

teabird said...

I enjoyed The Swans because it gave me another look at that monster, Truman Capote... and confirmed what I usually think about privileged people. (Wow, that doesn't sound like an enjoyable read, does it? Hmmmm... but it was.)

AsKatKnits said...

I am reading and knitting but wishing each got more time in a day. Darn work anyways! I am so glad you are joining us!!

AsKatKnits said...

I have not read The Swans... but it is now on my list! Sadly, work in infringing on my crafting and reading time! But the weekend is almost here!