04 April 2017

Things That Have Made It Feel Spring-y

Hello sports fans!  OK, maybe I'm the only sports fan, but that's how my mother used to wake us up for school every morning (again, I was the only one remotely interested in sports ... my sisters were interested if a cute boy was on a team or something, but other than that, forget it).  

Anyway, how was your weekend?  It wasn't actually too spring-like here in Philadelphia - cool, rainy, and then even when the rain stopped, it was mostly overcast.  It was a good weekend to do some knitting reading, and catching up on recorded TV, as well as watching college basketball.  (I wanted Gonzaga to win last night, but at least it was a good game.) 

I kinda sorta finished the first Ty Dy yarn sock, in that the "tube" is finished, but I didn't do the afterthought heel.  I decided I'd wait until both socks were ready for that, and do it all at once.  Well, so to speak, who knows if it will be straightforward enough to do two at once, or one a day ... I thought I'd taken a picture, but I know realize it was an Instagram photo, with Jack blocking most of the picture. Shocking, I know.  Anyway the yarn is more like blocks of color, rather than stripes or even pooling.  But every once in a while, there's a random one-row/part of one-row stripe.  It's weird.  And I feel somewhat obliged to try and make them match, since the blocks of color are quite large.  We'll see - if it starts to aggravate me, I may end up with mismatched color block socks.  

But I digress, I wanted to show you some things that made it feel like spring to me.  

First up, my new box for my Box o' Socks:

Isn't it pretty?  I like it because it's not just springy, but it's not just a regular box.  I was using a gift box from Nordstrom's which was a lovely silver box, but The Tim kept putting it away with some other gift boxes I'd saved.  And I don't think many socks would have actually fit into it, in the end.  This one is nice and deep, so I can layer them if nothing else.  And if I don't do another Box o' Socks next year (or anytime soon), I can still have a lovely box for various uses.  I'm sure I'll get my money's worth - it wasn't that expensive to start!

Next, the happy daffodils in the front planter of our house!  Believe it or not, this photo was taken on Sunday, and there are even more of them today!  They started budding way too early, but even the cold temperatures and some snow didn't deter them.  I love daffodils, they always look so happy to me.  Even if nothing else blooms or "takes" this year, at least we had lots of daffodils!

Baseball season has started, and yesterday the Phillies won their first game of the season - yay!  I'm hoping they will have a good season this year.  Last year they weren't too bad, considering most of the team was new players, and there were some standouts.  I know they won't be heading to the World Series, but I really hope they improve on last year.

Not related necessarily to springtime, but related to knitting, I recently watched an episode of the podcast Treehouse Knits.  I liked it, but I especially liked the segment where she gave some information on the background of Icelandic Sheep.  Plus the photos of the sheep made me happy.  If you decide to check it out, the specific part about the sheep starts at about 17:30, and goes for approximately 7 minutes.  That alone with is worth seeing/hearing.

Just one more thing - thank you for your kind comments from the part of my last post where I talked about giving the woman a hug when I learned she was taking her dog for her last walk.  It turns out that a reporter at one of the local news stations saw her post, and contacted her for a story.  Granted, they misspelled my last name in the article, but it's still a nice write up.  If you are interested in reading it, here's the link.  As I mentioned when I shared it on Facebook, I mainly wanted people to stop and think about how much a small gesture of kindness can help someone more than you might think.  :-)

That's it for now.  I hope your week is going well so far.  And I hope you will come across some things that make you feel like springtime has truly arrived.


Araignee said...

Your box of socks is beautiful. I hate the way I have mine organized. I need a whole bedroom redo and a new sock storage plan is in the works.

Vera said...

Your new sock box is so pretty Bridget - looks like it will hold a bunch too. I hadn't heard of Treehouse Knits, so thanks for the link...I peeked at the sheep and they are gorgeous. I'll check out the full episode at home.

Kym said...

I love that pretty box! :-)

It's so simple to just . . . be kind. Thanks for reminding us all to just reach out!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

LOVE! your daffodils. I had to buy some at the grocery store because nothing is in bloom here yet.

Tired Teacher said...

Love your sock box!

Would love to have a flower bed full of daffodils and tulips: both always make me smile.

Anonymous said...


As you know, I'm much more of a hockey kinda girl, but I do ♥ my phighting Phils too.

Bonny said...

That is indeed a lovely, springy box, and I'm also glad to see your daffodils. I cut some of mine before the snow, but the snow snapped the buds on the stems of all the rest. Now I'm just left with dejected daffodils and it's been too wet to put them out of their misery. Being famous for your kindness is a wonderful thing!

karen said...

nice box! I would be motivated to knit a lot more and then to rearrange my craft area to showcase the box. It's a slippery slope when you are inspired.

Nance said...

A Box For Spring! I like it.

Our forecast looks none too Springy for Friday thus far. I hope it changes. Today is sunny, however, so I'll take things one day at a time.

Kindness now is more important than ever. Let's hope it blooms where it is planted.