28 July 2017

OK Here Is an FO Post for You

Hello Friends.  And I mean Friends - you guys are really the best.  Words cannot express how much your kind, sweet, and heartfelt comments to my post about having to say goodbye to our Jetsam meant to all of us.  It's still awful, and all of us are still hurting.  But life is for the living, cliche though that his, and to use another cliche, it does go on.  It only makes sense to continue and keep going.  I am also firmly of the belief that none of our loved ones would ever want their loss to be the complete and total end to our worlds.  I know that for myself, when I depart this mortal coil, I want my friends and family to miss me, yes, but not stop living and enjoying their lives.  Even though it sucks.

So in the interest of that, I'm doing an FO post.  After what seems like a long time, I have finally finished my shortie socks, which are "shortie" only in descriptive terms!

Project:  Berry Mixed Up Bashful Socks
Pattern:  Not really a pattern - just made a plain pair of socks much shorter ...
Yarn:  Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the Mixed Berries colorway (leftover from these); cuff/heel/toe is Knitted Wit Gumballs Fingering in the Bashful colorway that I bought in a mini-skein to try.
Needles:  Size 1US
Modifications: Well, I modified a plain sock to make it shorter, but otherwise just kept knitting.
Notes: I like these.  And the end of the second sock was nice enough to keep my brain occupied after the events of last week. so that was good.  The Knitted Wit yarn is really nice, and comes in lovely colors, it was nice to be able to try it without breaking the bank.

I'm still a pair behind on my sock quest for 12 pairs for this year, but if that's how it turns out. I'll survive, you know?

In other news, my Scattered Wishes Shawl (aka Sonora) is growing and is now just about too large to fit in the project bag where it has been living.  It's also too big to photograph easily, so I shmushed it for a photo.

I continue to really enjoy knitting this, and am loving the way it's looking.  I *think* I'm about 2/3 of the way through the pattern.  I'm not in any hurry, but it is becoming a bit unwieldy!

This weekend I am hoping to cast on another pair of socks, and wind some yarn for another project I'd like to start.  It's supposed to be really rainy here starting tonight into tomorrow, so one or both of those may actually happen. :-)

I hope all of you have a good weekend!  And thanks again for being such wonderful and kind friends.


Anonymous said...

I'm knitting with The Knitted Wit yarn now too. It's an interesting texture. It's a little more thickish than a lot of the sock yarns I use .... almost feels like a single.

Love how your shorties turned out. I have a couple of "short" skeins. Maybe I should give shortie socks a go.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, in spite of the rain.

(We had a hellacious storm last night, but luckily the tornado was over by Mayport and not near us.)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I don't need to tell you, but it does get easier as time goes by.

The socks look great - and have me thinking, train or not, I really need to get moving on my shortie socks too!

Mereknits said...

BLog friend are the best. They have to take the time to comment, which means so much. I have frogged my latest two projects, on to another start today.

Bonny said...

Love those socks, and your Scattered Wishes is really lovely. I've been concentrating on outside work for much of the summer, so I sort of welcome a rainy Saturday to read and knit. Hope you have an enjoyable weekend!

Araignee said...

My heart still aches for you. It's been three years since Dear Old Doggie departed and I still blubber from time to time-well, according to The Mister, every day. They really make a hole in your heart when they leave. I know I should be grateful for the 18 years I was given but darn it...I wanted more. She was my BFF.

Wow..that shawl is just AMAZING. It's going to be a masterpiece!

Unknown said...

I am given to understand that it rains during the summer in the part of the world that is NOT Central California. It must be lovely.

Like your cheerful socks and gorgeous shawl.

Tired Teacher said...

Scattered Wishes is gorgeous! I love the stitches and yarn color choices - very nice.

I wear my short-cuffed socks all summer. I need to knit a few more pair.

Lorraine said...

Bridget- Of course, I count you as a good friend. Heck, it's lasted longer than most marriages.

Cute socks- you may surprise yourself and make your goal.

Vera said...

Love your Berry socks. They turned out so pretty. And your shawl! Amazing, gorgeous, blue (love blue). Love your name for it too.

steph said...

great socks!!! it seems everywhere i go on the internet, i'm seeing these cute short socks!!!!! guess what's is being added to my to-do list?!?

AsKatKnits said...

Cute socks! And, that shawl is beautiful!!

Nance said...

Oh, those sox are wonderful! I wear shortie sox instead of slippers all year 'round, especially into bed at first; my feet are always so darn cold. I am intimidated by sock knitting, else I would knit myself some.

I am shawling endlessly--an enormous loose-knitted shawl to wear on the boat for night-cruising. Of course, by the time I am done, so will Boating Season be. Sigh.

karen said...

beautiful knits and I'm glad the blogging community lifted you up, sending you peace and prayers!

elns said...

I have been off the blog grid for a while Bridget. I'm so sorry about Jetsam. Such love. Sending you big hugs.

The knits look absolutely wonderful.