16 July 2017

This FO Post Is Overdue

I realized that I never wrote a post for my last pair of completed socks.  Well that's just wrong - I have so few FOs, they should all get their own post, right? So let's get it done.

Top view

Project: Hannah Socks
Pattern: Petty Harbour, by Rayna Curtis (free on Ravelry)
Yarn: Ancient Arts Fibre Craft Superwash Wool Fingering Sock; colorway, Orange Tabby
Needles:  US 1
Modifications:  I made the leg a bit longer than indicated in the pattern.
Notes: I love these socks!  I have named them "Hannah Socks" because when Ancient Fibre Arts first introduced their Meow Collection, I bought a skein for each kitty we had at the time.  And we had a cream-orange tabby named Hannah.  The yarn is great to knit with, and has lovely stitch definition.  The Petty Harbour pattern is fun to knit - it has enough interest to make you pay attention, but is not overly involved and is easy to memorize.  I recommend it if you are a sock knitter.

Side view

So this pair is happily tucked away in my Box o' Socks, ready to surprise me all over again in 2018.  Since I had started another pair before these that were going along well until the yarn exploded and could not be untangled, I'm a pair behind on my goal of 12 pairs for myself.  Which is kinda frustrating, but then again, I'm doing it informally and for fun, so there's actually no real pressure.

I see also that now Ancient Arts Fibre Craft has not just the Meow Collection, but the Woof Collection.  Which means I may have to take a look and buy some yarn in honor of our Dug. :-)

Seriously though, this yarn and this pattern were both well worth the time to knit!  You should give them a try.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty.

I have a skein of that yarn in my stash. I think it is Calico Cat. I was a little worried about making socks with it since it has no nylon, but you've convinced me it will be okay.

Hope you have a great Sunday!

Araignee said...

Nice!! I love that ginger kitty color.

Caffeine Girl said...

Those are drop-dead gorgeous! I love both the pattern and the yarn. I have to get that pattern in my queue before I forget!

sprite said...

Another great pair!

Tired Teacher said...

Well done! How clever to purchase yarn the color of your fur-babies.

Mereknits said...

Love the color of these socks Bridget, they are wonderful.

Vera said...

Great finish! I love that pattern too. Now I "need" to go look at that yarn.

karen said...

beautiful! I love a brand new pair of socks just ready for when the weather chills :) :)

Lorraine said...

Bridget- Ooooh! Orange tabby! What could be better?

KSD said...

I honestly stared at the first photo waiting for you to click your heels together. What is up with that? Or, more saliently, with me?

kathy b said...

I better go look at BOTH collections.Love your gingery socks

handmade by amalia said...

Well done! It is too hot here to even look at socks :-)