04 May 2018

Let's Write Some Friday Letters

I had forgotten all about Friday Letters (were they originally Kym's idea?), until I looked at Bonny's blog today.  I enjoyed her post, and since I was in the mood to write today but was uninspired, I thought I'd do a few letters of my own.


Dear Pantsuit Politics,

Thank you for your podcast!  Not only is it interesting and lively, but it provides a calming influence in the current political climate.  Why can't the rest of the country talk about things reasonably like you do, and like we used to do?  In any event, you give me hope that we will somehow be able to move forward.  Keep up the good work.


Dear Camille Cosby,

WOW.  Really?  I mean, I'm all for loyalty to one's partner, but comparing your husband's conviction to what happened to Emmett Till?  And wanting the legal team involved on the prosecution side investigated for misconduct?  Wow.  Personally, I would have already dumped him, but in any case, I'd just keep quiet.  But you decided speaking out was the answer.  And ... WOW.


Dear Paul Ryan,

Admittedly, even on your best days, I think you are a tool.  But clearly you have never ever spent any time with Jesuits, or if you did, you *really* were not paying attention.  Thanks though, for the high level of amusement you have provided.


Dear Puerto Rico,

I know.  It's been 255 days and counting and still you are not really any better off in most areas where you were.  And hurricane season is getting ready to start again.  I love you, but right now that isn't helping much.  And I'm doing what I can to help, but I'm sure by now you have realized that since you are neither wealthy nor lily-white, and have only limited voting rights, the Orange Monster and his ilk can't be bothered.  I hope you get even a tiny bit of comfort from knowing that someday, somehow, it will come back to bite them all in the posterior.  In the meantime, God bless all of you.


Dear Springtime,

I've been told that you will be coming back, starting this weekend.  Please do.  You're the only thing standing between me and a too early, too long, summer!


Happy Weekend!  I  hope it's a good one for everyone.


AsKatKnits said...

Excellent (and most hilarious!!) letters! Have a great weekend!

Araignee said...

Preach, sister. You hit every nail right on the head!

Tired Teacher said...

Great letters! I've pondered all of the same topics and have bitten my tongue so much that I think it has a permanent groove. I keep telling myself that the pendulum will begin its path back to sanity, but it's taking its sweet time.

Mereknits said...

I love this post. As for Dear Paul Ryan, I might have to add you a buffoon. And can I have a letter of my own?

Dear Marco Rubio,
Yet again you are all about muster but always, and I mean always cave in.
Unimpressed yet again,

karen said...

I agree with all of your letters and I love that you called mr. r. a tool. that was a generously conservative adjective :) Here is to a lovely hopefully non newsworthy weekend ahead (fingers crossed).

Vera said...

Ah Bridget! Thanks for the late afternoon laugh. Love your letters!!

Kym said...

It feels good to empty out that mailbag, doesn't it? :-) Excellent letters -- and I really need to go look up Pantsuit Politics and listen to a few episodes.
Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Bill is not the only blind one in that family. How Camille has turned a blind eye to all his philandering all these years is beyond me.

The rest of your letters? Pure gold!!!

Hope you and The Tim have a great weekend.

Nance said...


I might borrow that idea myself if I ever get back to my blog.

Spkr. Ryan is not the only small r republican who is a Tool. They all sanctioned and budgeted for 45*'s military parade. Whose government is this?

Bonny said...

I do love your letters! I think your letter to Paul Ryan is just what he needs to hear, but he surely won't listen. And I've wondered about Camille Crosby's mental health, too. Sometimes there are stories you have to tell yourself just to get through the day, but she should have woken up decades ago. Glad to see you're alive and keep writing those letters!

kathy b said...

Your letters are fascinating.