12 April 2019

It's Time for Some Friday Letters

I'm in the mood to "send" some letters today, so I'm sharing them with you.  Because Friday letters can help you get things off your chest and start the weekend with a better outlook.  :-)


Dear Koodle:

I deeply apologize for going to the bathroom this morning before I went downstairs to feed you.  However, I do not feel that your retaliatory peeing on my pillow was deserved.  How can you be such a good boy (in a manner of speaking) most of the time, and such a terrible awful brat on occasion?  Also, I would like to remind you that you have two parents, and could have just as easily peed on the other one's pillow just as easily, if that was something that just *had* to be done ...


Dear Toll Brothers:

Admittedly, I find you despicable all of the time.  But did you have to add to my negative feelings towards you by numbering the new block of houses the way you did?  ALL of the other houses in the neighborhood -and the city - follow this kind of numbering:  2100, 2102, 2104, 2106, etc.  In what universe does your numbering system make sense???  You have numbered these houses in the following manner:  2404, 2402, 2408, 2406, etc.  THIS MAKES ME STABBY BEYOND BELIEF.  I can no longer walk on the 2400 block of South Street because the way you have numbered things makes me twitch.  Plus, it makes no sense.  This is further proof that you are pure evil.


Dear Guy in Rittenhouse Square singing "Hot-Blooded" this morning:

Thank you for being amusing while also not being threatening or seeming like a nutjob.  Your obvious pleasure in singing out loud was a really nice thing.  My only request for the future is that you sing a variety of songs, rather than sticking with just that one.


Dear Toll Brothers, Again:

See above.  STOP IT.


Dear Amoroso Bread Delivery Guy:

Hamlet and I see you every morning on our early walk, and I appreciate that you pay enough attention to ask me how I am doing, since you had been on vacation last week, and "was worried something had happened" when you didn't see us the week before.  It's nice to know that even though we are basically strangers, you are paying attention to what is going on around you as far as people you see regularly.  I hope it didn't creep you out when I said that *I* wondered where you were last week!


Dear Toll Brothers, 3rd Time:



Dear Bird in the Tree on the Deck:

I hope your singing is because you are as happy and joyful as you sound.  It makes my morning so much nicer to hear you, and your song is so lovely.  (Keep away from any neighborhood kitties, please.)


Dear Universe and Whoever/Whatever Is In Charge:

Thank you for letting me be here.  Fourteen years ago today, I had my first cancer surgery, and though I had every assurance from my wonderful doctors that all would go well and be OK, I was scared about it all.  It was a long haul, but I'm still here to rant against things and appreciate the birds, so my gratitude is eternal.


What about you?  Do you have any letters to send today? 

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  Ours is supposed to be spotted with rain showers the whole time, but as long as it's not continual, I can deal with it.  My plan is to stay put, knit, read, and hope I can feel better.  Take care!


Araignee said...

I love your letters!!! You had me laughing out loud. Bad kitty.

Nance said...

Dear Grocery Store Shoppers,
Could you--possibly--stop leaving your cart in the middle of the aisle whilst you wander all over the place gathering your items? It is on wheels! You can take it with you TO the section of the shelf containing each and every one of your desired things, making your way steadily down/up the aisleway. Find another way to Get Your Steps In, perhaps at a mall or--dare I say it?--a GYM.
Thank you.

Bonny said...

Dear Bridget,
I am also glad that you are here 14 years later to write poignant, thoughtful, and amusing letters. May Koodle and Toll Brothers get the message.

Kym said...

I ALWAYS love when you share your letters, Bridget. I am so glad you are here to enjoy the bird song and exchange pleasantries with the bread man and point out the absurdities of life. But. . . Hot-Blooded? Now I'll be singing that all day. . .

Kim in Oregon said...

Dear Bridget's blog,
Thank you so much for always entertaining me.

Dee said...

Oh no..................................that song is stuck in my head!!! LOL

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am glad that you are here to still write letters and yes ..............Toll Brothers are the devil.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Oh! Koodle!
Tux was a retaliatory pooper, so I feel your pain!

Those house numbers would make me twitch too... who does that???

karen said...

I am so glad you are here, I love your sense of humor and your letter writing techniques.

KSD said...

Dear Bridget:
Thank you for providing me endless rays of sunshine.

Dear Toll Brothers:

Vera said...

Love your letters Bridget and count me among those who are glad you are here to write them! Bad Kitty (see my blog post from yesterday).

AsKatKnits said...

The letters...oy! The laughter... so sorry, but not that sorry!

And, Dear Koodle, perhaps you should tell your mum that you might possibly have a bladder infection - which your activity this morning could be an indicator.

kathy b said...

Oh Bridget,

Those letters are simply inspiring. I Shall write letters for my very next post. I like how your causal morning walk relationship, meant you were noticed for NOT being around! Sweet

kathy b said...

As you know I took your letter and ran with it. Loved the format. Thanks you