07 October 2021

A Classic, Adjusted for Today

Hiya!  How are all of you doing?  It's Thursday (THANK THE LORD!), and at least for me, that's good news.  This week has been approximately one month long.

I decided to do another Three on Thursday post today, because I had three things that immediately came to mind.  But instead of telling you that they are The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, I'm adjusting things to tell you about The Good, The Bad, and The Funny.

1. The Good:

Walking to work this morning, I was struck by the beautiful sky.  Look at it!

I know that "Red sky at morning, sailors take warning," but it was still just stunning.  Even a deeper pink than I could capture.  Proof that if you pay attention, there is loveliness around you.

2.  The Bad:

It's the time of year when the fruit falls off the the gingko trees.

It's the least wonderful time of the year.  Because the fruit falls off of the trees, and people either walk on it and crush it, or cars run over it.  The result is the scent of vomit.  I kid you not.  There are entire parts of blocks where you don't want to walk because of the awful smell, and the danger of stepping on one, whether already crushed or not, and carrying that lovely aroma with you all day.  

I know that gingko jellies, etc., are a delicacy in a lot of Asian cuisine, but there are sooooo many trees in in Philadelphia, that even if people tried to get all of the fruit, it would have to involve an army.  Here are some facts about gingko trees that you might find interesting.  And because you can't tell until they are mature if the tree is male or female, they are no longer allowed to be planted in the city.  But there are so many already there and thriving, that I think we're good for a long and smelly time!

3. The Funny:

I was nearly to our building on my way to work, when I saw a young man coming towards me.  He looked like he had the same kind of hairstyle associated with Fabio - remember him??

So as the guy is getting closer, I'm thinking to myself, "Oh God, he must be a winner. Who wears their hair like that anymore? Who *wants* to look like Fabio? That's just sad."

Reader, the guy was wearing a light-colored hoodie.


So how's your day been so far???


Nance said...

We've had some gorgeous sunrises, thanks to some awful humidity. Oh well.

The black walnuts here are horrifically prolific, and I toss about twenty a day from my back yard back over the fence where the tree is. Especially awful are the ones in my pond, which immediately become slimy and have turned the water brown.

My husband has lovely silver hair that is long like Fabio's. I love it. He's a winner to me.

Dee said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww....it was just a Fabio-wanna-be.

Ellen D. said...

I didn't know that about ginkgo trees! That does sound bad!
I enjoyed the view of your pretty sunrise and I will have to google Fabio to see if he is still among the living (and still has that lovely hair!)

Araignee said...

Beautiful sky! I can't wait for the leaves to fall so I can see it again. We've got some fruity thing out back that drops its weird looking fruit this time of year that has a distinct icky/sour smell to it too.
I had to lol at your Fabio story. After a certain age it seems that your eyes like to play tricks on you quite often.

Alison said...

We have a strawberry tree which has iridescent creamy lime coloured flowers that glow in the half light. I cluck and goo so much when they appear in late spring I forget that the flower centres will soon turn to fruit. It can be eaten, but is bland - some folks use them to bolster their jam supplies. What the birds don't gorge on drop all over the lawn to end up squished up and over our shoes. Oh well, in 40 years we haven't considered chopping it down.

Early spring here with the changeable temperatures and winds it brings - but the longer days are bliss.

Loved the pink sky - my uncle who was a prisoner of war taught me to look at and enjoy the sky - a daily gift to savour.

Kim in Oregon said...

OOF! I used to walk right by a gingko tree on my way into the office every morning and it is disgusting!

I wonder what fabio looks like now? Off to google.

karen said...

what a beautiful walk to work you have!

Kym said...

Okay, I'm going to be laughing about the Fabio-hoodie all day! :-)
And I had no idea about the ginkgo fruit. No idea at all. And that sounds absolutely. . . putrid.