25 October 2021

Monday FO, Long Overdue

I kept meaning to post about this FO, but obviously didn't get around to it until now.  Not that you were worried or anything, right?

Project:  Don't Match Socks
Pattern:  My usual vanilla pattern
Needles:  US size 1 for the cuff, heel, and toe; US size 0 for the leg and foot
Yarn:  Cozy Knitter Bliss, in the Grocery Girls Edition colorway
Notes:  I have not broken my No Yarn Buying rule for a while, and then again, not even that often, but when I saw this yarn, I knew I wanted to have it!  The colors are just so very cheery, and plus I love striped socks (well, striped anything really).  So I ordered it and was thrilled when I arrived.

This is just my plain vanilla sock recipe - 15 rows 2 x 2 rib, stockinette leg, and regular toe.  This time though, I tried a heel pattern that was new to me, and it was a lot of fun!  I used this tutorial from Denise of Earthtones Girl.  At the time, I had only seen the version where you stayed with one color, but I went ahead and figured out what I wanted to do for the contrasting color to make it work.  Since then, she has come out with a video for the Shadow Wrap Heel using contrasting color, but I haven't watched it, since my version worked.  I'll probably check it out sometime, though.

The Shadow Wrap Heel was actually much easier than I was expecting it to be.  Needless to say, mine are a bit sloppy, though the second sock has a better version than the first sock, of course.  But it was the first time I tried it, and I'm pleased with how well I did.  And since the socks are for me, perfection is not an absolute.  😊

I liked working it, and it fits nicely.  I can't say I'll always use this heel instead of the gusset and heel flap that is more or less my go-to, but this was a nice variation for me, since I've never enjoyed working afterthought heels, but have sometimes wished I could get the look with contrasting yarn.

Anyway, this yarn was a pleasure to knit with, and these socks went pretty quickly.  Another thing I like about striped socks, since I at least am always thinking, "Well, I'll do one more color before I finish for today."

This was my first time using yarn from the Cozy Knitter, and I'm glad I liked it, because I managed to order one of her 24-stripe Christmas skeins back in July.  If I would have been annoyed at the yarn, I would have been more annoyed at myself for ordering the holiday one!

As you can see, they don't completely match.  I had no desire to have them match, frankly, so whatever happened with the stripes was fine with me.  They are just such happy colors, I know that just putting them on will make me smile!


Vera said...

They sure do have pretty colors in them! Very nice. And, personally, I think matchy-matchy is way over-rated!

Dee said...

VERY cute socks. Just in time for sock-wearing weather!

Araignee said...

Those are some happy stripes! Congrats on the finish! I gave my Christmas socks away this weekend since I had all the kids together and by far the ones they all snatched up first were the Knit Picks socks for their softness and happy stripes. I had some pricey skein socks in the gift box too but the Knit Picks socks won hands down.

Nance said...

Those heels look really good. Cute socks.

Ellen D. said...

Those are really cute! I like that they don't match but go together anyway!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

They look great!

KSD said...

If I've ever made matching socks in my knitting life, it was a complete, utter mistake.

Kym said...

LOVE those socks! They are perfectly non-matchy matchy! :-) The colors and stripe combinations worked so well as a pair. (I am firmly in the Not Matching Camp when it comes to knitting socks. Life is too short for worry about details like matching.) XO