10 October 2006

Happy day all around!

I was looking forward to getting home from work today anyway, but when I got home, the package from my swap partner in the Knitters Tea Swap 2 had arrived, and so I not only was home, but I had packages!!! YAY! I want to send my swap partner a thank you before I blab on about what was in the packages, but I can guarantee you that it was very fantabulous.

I finally have my package to send to my swap partner (you don't send to the person who sends to you) tomorrow, so I hope she will enjoy it. It's headed to Colorado Springs, so hopefully she'll get it by the weekend. I had fun getting everything together, and tried to send as much as I could that was from this region, as opposed to national brands.


And now presenting Today's Birthdays, part of a continuing series brought to you by The Ravell'd Sleave:

Happy Birthday to Bob, my husband's oldest brother. Bob is turning 72 today. (Actually, he's somewhere in his late 50s, but it amuses me greatly to let all of you think he's really old, even if just for a second.) Bob is a doctor (as my mother-in-law regularly would remind us, like we'd just met him or something), a pediatric neurologist to be exact, at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and from people I've come across who have needed his expertise, he is apparently very good at what he does. I'm pretty sure my husband would want me to point out the amazing fact that although he's older than Tim, he still has [unusually] black hair. If you know what I mean. But in any event, it's his special day, so Happy Birthday, Bob!

Next up, our niece L, my sister Nancy's daughter. Lauren is Chad's younger sister (he of the October 1 birthday), and is a very sweet, very gorgeous girl. At some point, I will learn to use our scanner, and I will scan a photo of her and post it. I would post one of her pictures from when she was little (as I did with her brother), but she is already suffering from them being posted on the family website, so I'll be nice. Lauren currently lives in San Francisco, but once when she was going home to southern California on a break from school, she got lost, and called my sister to come and help her find her way home. My sister asked her where she was, and Lauren replied, "I'm just off the exit for San Juan Cappuccino." This, as you can imagine, is now high in the ranks of Family Legend. Happy 31st Birthday, Lauren! We hope you get the chance to really have a nice celebration, and send our love.

And last, but absolutely never least, is my friend Lisa. Lisa is actually beyond a friend, I consider her family, even though we have only known each other for about 4 years. She's just someone that I immediately clicked with, and is an excellent partner in crime. Lisa is the queen of the humorous comment or turn of phrase, and above all else, is the kindest, truest person ever. I know that her husband Jerry and her twin boys and all of the pets will make sure she has a good birthday, but I want to add my/our wishes too. Happy Birthday, Lisa! You're even better than the best.

And that's all there is for now.

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Carol said...

Happy Birthdays! Nothing better then getting knitty stuff in the mail!