22 October 2006

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Cake and ice cream alert - more birthdays!

OK, technically I am meaning this past Friday, the day before yesterday, but I wanted a catchy title. So sue me.

Anyway, Friday was C. Carr Grubb, Jr.'s birthday. Who, you may ask, is C. Carr Grubb, Jr.? He is one of the most fun, best friends a person could ever have, and we are lucky to have him as ours. I first met Carr in 1985, when we both were working at the U.S. Senate. We more or less clicked from the beginning, and have been going along ever since.

Carr is originally from Big Chimney, West Virginia (or as he says it's pronounced, "Big Chimley"). He grew up in Charleston, and was in D.C. as the correspondence coordinator for Senator Jay Rockefeller. Carr, my husband Tim, and I have spent many an evening attending plays, trying different restaurants, and overall doing a LOT of laughing. Carr has one of those really infectious laughs, so when you are with him, things often seem funnier than they might really be. Once the three of us went to see a play that was more or less a farce, and Carr's laugh was so funny in and of itself, that the actors on stage had a hard time keeping a straight face!

Carr moved back to Charleston a few years back to take care of his parents, who have unfortunately died since, but we still keep in touch, and we are all currently trying to figure out a time for him to visit soon. I don't know when it will be, but I know it will be a lot of fun.

Happy [belated] birthday, Carr!


Today is my brother-in-law Patrick's birthday. Here he is this past August, holding his grandson.

There are few people in the world as great as Pat is. He is an attorney, but let me assure you that he could never ever be mistaken for one of the lawyers in a lawyer joke. He is one of the few people I know who has had ideals and beliefs that he has been able to hold on to and practice in his life. Whether it's defending mine workers against obnoxious corporate work decisions, or writing a musical about Friedrich Nietzsche (yes, that Nietzsche), if he believes it, he does his best to make it happen. No one has a perfect record of always getting what they want, but in Pat's case, it's never for lack of trying.

He is also really funny, and loves to have a good laugh. He is literally a person who would do anything for you if you are one of his friends or a member of his family - anything.

Later this week, he will get to play father of the bride again, at his oldest daughter's wedding. I'm sure that like the rest of us, he'll shed some tears of joy, but mostly he'll be happy that everyone is together, and having a good time. Part of the fun of the wedding for me will be not just being with my family, and not just seeing my niece get married, but seeing Pat surrounded by people who think he's the greatest. Because he is.

Happy Birthday, Patrick! And many, many, many more, we love you!


Tomorrow is my niece Kelly's birthday. Kelly is either on her way home, or has just gotten home, from a two-year stint as a Peace Corps volunteer in Turkemenistan. Her father, Tim's oldest brother Bob, is having a welcome home party for her on November 12, so we'll get to see how she is doing and hear about her experiences then.

Kelly is one of those people who is on the quiet side, but has a wicked sense of humor. People don't expect her to say much, and then suddenly she'll say something, and you'll think, "Kelly said that? Wow." She finished a degree in astronomy at MIT in three years, and has had a few interesting internships at observatories and such before heading to Turkmenistan. While she was away, she sent us a letter about how she was able to celebrate Christmas there, and in it she said that whatever she was teaching the people there, it in no way compared to what she was learning. My husband said that he thinks she is considering applying to medical school, and if so, I hope she gets accepted, because the world really needs more kind, considerate, and funny people like her taking care of them.

Happy Birthday, Kelly, and welcome home!


Carol said...

A Happy Birthday to All! Sounds like you knowsome truly fine people! Imagine attending MIT-I can't even spell it!;)

the wicked witch of the east said...

okay, that's another niece i have to add to the list...you tell that husband of yours he best not screw up the filming of the wedding and that i expect a copy or he'll feel my wrath...


did carr have his concert yet??

Carol said...

Thanks for stopping by! And thank you Bridget, all the blah is gone. Megan hates to be the center of attention, but she loves to have fun. Dolly & Linus are joys, love fur!