22 May 2007


I think I am beginning to come out of my aforementioned malaise (if nothing else, having a reason to use "aforementioned" should help, don't you think??). I realized that it was partly due to projects that were either stalled somehow, or lack of ideas regarding what yarn to use for the socks for my Sockapalooza 4 pal. And then, I was going along merrily on the beret for the Charmed Knits KAL, and ran out of yarn! So I felt completely stalled, as far as knitting was concerned. Between that and some other things, I just sort of gave up ...

But since last weekend, I have a) chosen a yarn for the socks I want to knit, b) taken action on a somewhat stalled project (details in a future post), and c) realized that all I have to do is get more of the inexpensive yarn to finish the beret. I will admit that dealing with my knitting-related problems helped my overall outlook a lot. Because I really do enjoy knitting, and the feeling that it wasn't working made the other stuff seem even worse!

I would like to thank everyone who commented and/or e-mailed me with their positive thoughts. I appreciated it, and it was also comforting to realize that it's something everyone has gone through at one time or another. I was just dismayed that everything felt malaise-ical (new word?) at once!

Heh heh ...

I just knew I'd get comments about the fake belly button thing. No, Carol, I am not a space alien, and Ann, I'm not reptilian, either. Without going into gory details, let me just say it is a result of some of my cancer surgeries (though I am always happy to provide gory details individually. Sometimes just seeing people's faces is worth it. But I digress). At one point, I asked one of my surgeons (you remember Skippy, don't you??) why he even bothered to create a fake belly button, and he replied, "Because, Bridget, I am an artist." (And, may I add, full o' crap ...)

Flexibility vs. Bridget

Last night was the first session of the Vinyasa Yoga class I'm taking. I will tell you that I pride myself in being flexible, intellectually. However, my body apparently sees flexibility as the enemy. I think there are steel beams that would do better! I am determined to make even a teeny bit of progress by the end of the 10-week session. Then we'll see who's laughing. (I have no idea what that means, it just seemed like an appropriate thing to say here.)

Tune in the next time, when:

I will have some honest-to-God knit related pictures for you; I will tell you all about the Rosie's class I'm going to take; and, well, something else, I'm sure. See you then, kids!


barbp said...

Glad to hear that your blahs are going away. Still giggling about the "artist" comment.

When MFB had the surgery on his broken ankle he was joking about writing on the right ankle "Doctor" and on his left ankle "Lawyer" .. that cracked us and the surgeons PA up but we weren't convinced the surgeon would appreciate it.

Seriously though ... I'm happy you're around! Looking forward to seeing your knitting progress.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dr. Skippy has a terrific way with words!!!

Ann said...

Wow. An artistic belly button. The same cannot be said for mine, to be sure.

Good luck with that yoga! If you need to, you can laugh at me at the end of the 10 weeks. I will still be stubbornly inflexible.

Carol said...

Skippy sounds like the kind of guy you need at a time like that;) I love it when someone calls me "kid"!