04 September 2007

I'm Finished in This Town ...

With a couple of knitting projects, that is! Yes, I said "couple" as in 2, and yes, I also said "finished." I'd finished the knitting part of one a while back, and just needed to sew it up, and the other, I finished knitting on Friday night, bought the beads on Saturday, and wove in the ends, etc., yesterday.

Now that I have you sucked in by the sheer excitement and mystery of it all, I present the following:

Here we have the Molly hanger, modeling the [finally] completed Baby Kimono, from the class I took in July at Sophie's Yarns. It turned out really cute, though I am glad that you cannot look closely, since my finishing skills are lousy ...

Anyway, here are the specifics:

Pattern: Baby Kimono, purchased at Sophie's (link above)
Yarn: Eden Print, by Madil. 100% bamboo, color 035 (pink, tan, gray); 3 balls
Needles: Size US5, 24-inch circular

I really enjoyed learning the construction techniques for this pattern, as it is knitted in one piece, and then the side/sleeve seams are sewn, and the ties added. I could see making one again. This one was strictly for the class, and to learn how it all worked.

And lest you think the Molly hanger is always in the house, relegated to hanging on the front of one of the bedroom closets, here's another shot in the great outdoors.

Next up, and just in time for the end of summer, we have the completed Fishnet Beach Bag, also two shots, one as it frolicked in the garden, and the other over the bedroom fireplace, where you can see the beads on the handles a little bit more clearly. As mentioned earlier, I finished knitting this on Friday night, bought the beads on Saturday, and put it all together yesterday. This pattern was easy, addictive, and fun. It also had what I thought was really cool construction. You begin by knitting two strands held together in seed stitch, for 8 inches. Then you pick up stitches all around the square you have just knit, using a single strand, and all of a sudden, you're knitting in the round! You follow the pattern until the bag measures 12 inches from the bottom, and then you make the cords, by crocheting a chain, again holding two strands together. You attach beads at the ends of the cords once you have woven them through.

Here are the specifics for this one:

Pattern: Fishnet Beach Bag, a house pattern from Rosie's Yarn Cellar
Yarn: Adrienne Vittadini Nicole (65% acrylic, 35% nylon); color 47696 (blue with greens throughout); 3 balls
Needles: Size US8, 24-inch circular
Crochet Hook: Size H
Beads: 2 glass beads, 3/4 inch in diameter (you don't have to purchase glass beads, of course - I just really liked these and wanted to use them)

I not only enjoyed knitting this pattern, but I'm anxious to make another one or two as gifts. I bought the yarn originally when Rosie's had their sidewalk sale in July, but was able to get more - still on sale - once I realized how much I liked the whole thing. (There may still be some left in the sale bin - stop by and check it out!)

Rosie's is also offering a class on finishing techniques later this month - do I really need to tell you I signed up right away??


Sue V said...


teabird said...

I hope you'll share the tips for finishing - it's one of my downfalls, too.
GREAT bag.

Liz K. said...

OMG! This is a knitting blog?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Two FO's! They look great. The finishing class should be interesting, there's always these *techniques*.

I loved House of Spirits.

Carol said...

They're both great knits! Really nice work, and I can't tell how hilariously in love I am with Molly Hanger! Too cool! OMG, you have a fireplace in your bedroom?

mary said...

Congrats! Both of your projects look great. I'd have gone for the beads on the bag too. They are a nice extra touch.

I took a finishing class a few years ago and it helped me quite a bit. I knit left handed so am pretty much self taught. Most LYS instructors take one look at the way I knit and it's all over so I almost never take classes. But the finishing class was excellent, plus lots of sewing and seaming and blocking and very little actualy knitting.

I read through your August book reviews. I haven't read any of these, might have to try one or two. I finally finished Defying Hitler. It was very interesting but not a "fun" read at all. Often unpleasant so it took me a while. Sometimes I just didn't want to sit down and read it.

Anonymous said...

April told me how super cool you were, and I just had to see the blog for myself. I LOVE that bag!!!


barbp said...

They look terrific and I have the same problem with the finishing techniques. I've got a book that I hope will help me with that.