28 September 2007

Vacation pictures, round 2

I am finally getting around to editing the remainder of our vacation photos, so here are some from our day in Colonial Williamsburg:This is the kitchen of the Hope Plantation, which you enter right before you get to Colonial Williamsburg proper. It is a re-creation of a plantation of a lower- to middle-class family right after the Revolutionary War. (I took lots of other pictures while we walked around the various parts of the plantation, but they didn't turn out too well.)

Offering a decided contrast, here is the kitchen of the Governor's Palace:

As well as the storage cellar, and the wine cellar:

Always a favorite place, the print shop and bindery - here the press is being inked:
On the left, the Map Room in the Capitol Building, and on the right, the view from one of the original cells in the Public Gaol:

This one is for my co-workers, it is the inside of the Presbyterian Meeting House:

We stopped for an afternoon snack here,
then made our way back to the Apothecary:

And this display, in the public marketplace, just really appealed to me, with the ribbons moving ever so slightly in the light breeze: It was such a fun day, and we enjoyed ourselves even though it was so hot and humid, we looked like we had taken a shower in our clothes! It did make me think that I would not have been a good colonial person, with all those layers of clothes, even in the summer. (Because, let's face it, I think we all know I wouldn't be one of the ladies of leisure, with servants doing nothing all day but seeing to my comfort.)


Carol said...

Hey, is that a bunch of real food at the Governor's Palace?

Or is it the fake stuff they always have in furniture stores?

Mistrmi said...

Lovin' the apothecary! (Does that speak ill of me, especially considering all that food in another photo?)

Ann said...

It sounds like you had a great trip! Makes me want to visit again ...

Carrie K said...

Hmm. I could use a snack.

That would be me too, working for a living. It's the humidity.

teabird said...

Me too, Kim - I'd be eying all of those jars in the apothecary, wondering what mind-altering treats I could concoct.

mary said...

I see some one already asked if the food was real. I wanted to know that also. If it is real, who do they give it to at the end of each day?

I always wonder that about cooking shows also. Who gets to eat all the food - and do they ever complete all the swap-outs or do they just toss them?

Cool pictures. Thanks!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I'm more interested in the Tavern. Yummm. A good stout to round out the day is hard to beat!

Brigitte said...

Yeah, I often wondered how women managed back then with all those heavy clothes and such hot weather! I love your pictures, it's all so fascinating.