17 March 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

May your pockets be heavy
and your heart be light,
May good luck pursue you
each morning and night.

~Irish Blessing


Quilting Mama said...

Happy St. Patty's to you too.

Hope the weekend was fun. Got pictures?


teabird said...

And the same to you -

Maureen said...

Happy St. Pat's to you! Hope you had a celebratory weekend and are wearing the green today.

Brigitte said...

And the same to you as well!

Anonymous said...

And may you be in Heaven before the Devil knows you're dead!

Happy St Patty's Day!

Anonymous said...

hey irish, did you get drunk and start a bunch of fights?? :P

or are you still observing your lenten promise??

Anonymous said...

hey there, I'm your Favorite Color Swap buddy. I also sent you an email, I hope you got it! Am looking forward to treating you! Hopefully you'll post your questionnaire soon!

FCS pal

Carol said...

Hope yours was a great one!