28 July 2009


This week's topic for Ten on Tuesday:

10 Favorite Sounds
1. A cat's purr.
2. The "thump" of a dog's tail on the floor when you walk in the room.
3. The ocean.
4. Birdsong.
5. Baby laughter that sounds like a dirty old man.
6. Wind in the trees.
7. Rain on the roof.
8. Teakettle whistle.
9. "We'd like to offer you the job."
10. "[Name of manager on duty] to staff: It is 5:05." (This means the workday has ended.)


Jenn said...

Dog tail is my favorite, especially when it's my dog!

Judi said...

I fond of that 5:05 sound myself! Great list!

Paula said...

Ah the ocean....

Brigitte said...

Yes, definitely cat purring. Oh, and the sound the ATM makes when it's dispensing cash (phew, made it to another payday!), LOL.

I LOVE the birds in the morning...

Lorraine said...

Bridget- Cat purring puts me to sleep. That's my number one.

SissySees said...

Oh yes!! Those content, happy pet sounds are the best!

Claudia Bugh said...

Great list! Beagles are the only dog that purr and I love it when Mr Puffy lays in the kitchen purring as I prepare dinner.