10 July 2010

Beauty and the Book

I do amuse myself (and usually only myself) on a regular basis.  Example?  The title of this post. 

The Beauty part?  Well, a couple of weeks ago, Wendy listed me in her list of people to award the Beautiful Blogger Award.  I was very pleasantly surprised, because next to Wendy and the other people on her list, there doesn't seem to be a connection with me.  Rather than wonder why I was included, I decided to just take the compliment and go forward!

I am now supposed to list 10 interesting things about myself, and then pass along the award to others who deserve it.  So take a seat and prepare to be interested/fascinated by 10 things that are all about me:

1.  People who work with me, or spend time with me, often think I'm a total extrovert.  In reality, I am a true introvert.  Those who truly know me do not find this surprising at all.

2.  Though I am somewhat conservative in my own personal behavior , I am a bleeding heart, extremely leftist, socialist liberal when it comes to the rest of the world.  My personal behavior is often affected by my desire to be left alone by the rest of said world.  I know, is a puzzlement.

3.  In those quizzes where you choose to live either near water or mountains to determine your personality, I am stumped.  I do not care to give up one for the other, thank you very much.

4.  If I had an unlimited amount of money, I would collect all the homeless and abused animals in the world and let them live happy, lavish lives.  I am often truly depressed that I cannot do such a thing.  It's quite possibly the only time I obsessively wish I had money.

5.  I love to write.  Letters, stories, whatever.  Typing is OK, as far as wanting to get the message across, but I also truly love the physical act of writing.  And handwriting is fascinating to me.  This comes in handy working in historical settings, where "old" handwriting often needs to be deciphered.

6.  I have many acquaintances, but very few friends.  And those few know that I am unlikely to call them on the phone, as that is my least favorite form of communication.

7.  Unlike most people, I never had a burning desire to own a home.  I only thought it was a good idea when The Tim pointed out to me that if we had our own house, a) I could have whatever pets I wanted, and b) there would be more room for Christmas decorations. 

8.  I think of myself as a spiritual person, and regularly converse with my preferred form of deity.

9.  I am completely happy knowing that I come from a family that is truly, weirdly, crazy.  Fact is, we are happier than most "normal" families we know, or that I hear about.

10.  This one is a One Degree of Separation Interesting Thing:  My niece, Julie, is nominated for an Emmy!  She is the Senior Producer listed in the nomination for Top Chef as a reality show -go Jules!!

And now my choices for passing the Beautiful Blogger Award.  When thinking about it, I realized that these are people who regularly seem to find beauty in their everyday lives, without worry or apology if no one else "gets" it.

Now, before signing off - it's time for the Book part of this post.  I really do wish that I had more than one copy to give away, but Three Bags Full will be finding its way to Kim's mailbox soon.  And by "soon," I mean whenever I can make it to the P.O. without heat stroke ...

Have a good weekend, everyone!


SissySees said...

Wow! What a surprise to find my name on YOUR list. Gretchen is admiring the world from my lap, so HER beauty is evident...

I'm amazed at the "me too" thoughts I had with your personal information shared items. People take me for an extrovert, but I am as introverted as they come, just to point out one of the similarities.

Good luck with the heat. We have a pig roast that I believe started while I was reading your post. We're going to be late, but that means less time in the heat and humidity.

Bridget said...

Chan, don't be surprised to be on the list. A lot of times after I read a post you have written, I think how great it is that you notice the things that count - whether talking about people, dogs, or knitting!

Hope you survive the weather today - it's pouring here.

Anonymous said...

By no means sacrifice your health for me. At the rate my job search is going, I've got lots of reading time to come.

My students are always surprised to find that I'm introverted, too. Sometimes, the show just has to go on, huh?

Quilting Mama said...

You shouldn't be too surprised. You are a beautiful lady and deserve the recognition.

Congrats to Julie, maybe now I'll watch the Emmys. It's my least favorite of the award shows since I really don't like much of what is on the boob-tube.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Makes for scintillating reading, my dear - LOL Good luck to Jules - and do pass along some of her recipes!!!!

Thank you for thinking of me - whoo hoo - such a nice compliment :) But, I am surprised that you should think anyone would not "get" me - LOL Perhaps that explains why most of my readers are not from the US....

Lynn said...

I hear you on the mountains vs water. I'd like to be near both too!

Lorette said...

You and I are a lot alike. A lot of people I know think I'm extroverted, but I'm most sincerely not. And I also have a weird, crazy family, but I suppose a lot of us do. Oh, and I had a cousin who was in the Miss America pageant once many years ago, so there's my "one degree of separation" thing!

Carrie #K said...

I consider myself a social hermit.

I'm completely with you on #4.

Kathleen Dames said...

I had to smile when I got to "a" and "b" in #7. Congratulations, Beautiful Bridget!