15 July 2010

The Case of the Missing Brain

So I decided that this week, no matter what the weather was like, what book I was engrossed in, or what else was happening, that I would sew together the pieces of the Pickle Cardigan.   Theoretically, this means that I could knit the button bands and the neck, sew on the buttons and voila!  I would even still be able to wear it if I was somewhere where the a/c was blasting out Arctic air.


Sunday morning:  Lay out pieces on flat surface, take out Chibi needle, yarn, scissors.  Attach one of the front pieces to the back.  Quite pleased with self, even though it doesn't look *quite* like I'd hoped.  Put it away to work on again another time, since I had to get dressed to go to my Sunday shift at Rosie's.

Monday evening:  Pull out work from Sunday morning, deciding it just looks wrong.  Re-do.  Looks the same.  Back in the bag.

Tuesday evening:  Decide to carry on, and attach other front to the back.  Hm.  Looks worse.  Pulled out.  Re-done.  Still looks questionable.  Back in the bag.

Wednesday evening: Determined to get it right.  Pull out everything, and re-do it.  Twice.  Aarrgh, it still looks icky!  Back in the bag.

Just before falling asleep:  It suddenly dawns on me that the reason it looked so crappy each time was because I was doing it incorrectly!  Can visualize proper way to do it in brain, but it is late and on Thursday I will be in charge at work, so I must go to sleep.

Today:  Had a decent night's sleep.  Got to work - no electricity in the library, and bathroom toilet overflows, causing one patron to ask, "The sign on the bathroom door says 'Out of order' - does that mean we can't use it?"  Consider pushing him into bathroom and closing door, locking it.  Instead, say politely "That's what that means, you'll have to use the bathroom down the hall."  Electricity finally comes on about 11:30.  Rest of the day passes without major problems.  Get home, eat dinner, feed cats, wash dishes, pack lunch for tomorrow.  Go to brush teeth, and get two fingers caught in door of bathroom cabinet that has suddenly been repaired after two years.  Said fingers swollen and painful, causing entire hand to hurt.  Can type using right hand only, but cannot hold a needle, etc. in right hand to work on sweater, as I am left-handed.

Am trying to be philosophical by telling myself that a) tomorrow is another day, and b) fingers and hand will feel better, and I'll have the weekend to take my time sewing the pieces together. 

Also?  Hoping brain keeps hold of proper seaming technique ...


Carrie #K said...

Write it down? Right handed? That should burn it into your brain.

I'm gratified to discover that it's not just me.

Yikes, your poor fingers! Hope they're feeling better.

Marie said...

I have Missing Brain Syndrome (MBS) on a semi-regular basis. Sorry you smashed your fingers. I know that hurts. Good luck on the sweater. I know it'll look great when you're done.

SissySees said...

Ouch! You deserve some sort of award for blogging with one hand, while the other throbbed... I hope today is indeed a better day.

Anonymous said...

Bridget? OUCH. To everything.

Bridget said...

Well, the good news is, my hand felt better today, so I should be able to work on the sweater this weekend.

The bad news? It's approximately 1 million degrees F - and that's in our house!

Bridget said...

Well, the good news is, my hand felt better today, so I should be able to work on the sweater this weekend.

The bad news? It's approximately 1 million degrees F - and that's in our house!

Quilting Mama said...

Poor fingers. Hope they and you are better this morning.

Good luck with sweater assembly.

Guinifer said...

One word for days like that:


Brigitte said...

Never mind your brain, what about the one the winner who needed to use the bathroom was gifted with. *rolling eyes*

OK, to I'm thinking that by now, your hand is better. So, yay!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Too funny. I know I shouldn't laugh, but I've been there.... AND I'm not laughing when it's happening to me.

Best to fiddle with it until you are happy. I'm curious what you think you are doing wrong.

Looking forward to seeing you Pickled shortly!