02 July 2010

Long Weekend!

Hooray!  A three-day weekend!  And tomorrow at least is supposed to be somewhat reasonable in the weather department, so I shall enjoy it while I can.  'Cause then, if the forecast is correct, it's all downhill ...

We have no particular plans, which is fine with both of us.  In May and June, we had an unusual (for us) amount of traveling and visiting, and though it was a lot of fun, it's nice to have this weekend to ourselves.  There's a good chance we may go to the shore tomorrow for the day, which will only be the second time so far this year we have been there.  The last time it was just too hot to be pleasant, even there, unless you were literally standing in the water.

This has been a weird week, in the sense that it feels like a little bit of everything happened, emotions-wise.  I guess that's bound to happen every once in a while, but this time I was taken by surprise, I must admit.  Next week will be weird at work, since practically everyone I know will be taking the week as vacation.  It's already quiet, with a lot of the scientists on field study trips. 

In knitting news, I finally had the chance to go to the Thursday Lunchtime Knitting Group at work, and it was great.  Though I was the only one who actually ate lunch - everyone else just knitted the whole time.  I think they are in jobs where they can eat at their desks while working on something, and I can't do that.  Anyway, I've started the Dublin Bay Socks, which I've wanted to make forever.  So far I have the cuff and 12 rows of the leg knit.  I think I "get" the pattern though, so I shouldn't have to slowly count every stitch of the pattern rows, though I hope I don't get too confident, and realize inches later that I've screwed up ...  Anyway, once I have a chance to get a picture, I'll share it here so that you can be as up-to-date as possible, which I know is of the utmost importance to all of you ...

I know I didn't post a book report for May (because in the whole month, I read only ONE book - geez), but I've decided to combine my reports for May and June, so I'll be posting that soon.  Not that I read many more books in June, but at least there will be books instead of book, you know?  I had a period of catching up on magazines, and so most of what I've read lately has been in that form.  Which I enjoy, but every once in a while I get behind, and then there's a stack of them.  God forbid I recycle them without even looking at every page, so then it's time for magazine-o-rama.

Also, Wendy was nice enought to tag me for an award, so I'll post about that soon as well. 

In the meantime, I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend, whether it's two days or three!

"Well Wilbur, a three-day weekend sounds like a good idea to me."


Bookfool said...

Happy Weekend to you, too, Bridget! I don't know what the weather is like in PA, but it always sucks in the summer, here, and summer starts in April (some years) and goes on till anywhere from September to November. Gah. Need to move to Iceland.

SissySees said...

I've been getting bogged down in books of late too.

Enjoy your weekend!