09 August 2010


OK, I don't really have anything to blog about, but how could I miss posting on a numerically interesting date???  I love numerically interesting dates, and often even look forward to them.  Though today's sort of snuck up on me, as I am still not quite back in sync with the universe. 

Today was the new president's first day at work.  He called a meeting first thing, and there were snacks which was a nice touch.  I hope he turns out to be a good guy for the Academy; the guy who has been the acting president is a tough act to follow, though. 

I am intrigued by the new book coming out called Modern Top Down Knitting, as I have decided that I need to try to knit a few pieces done that way.  A few weeks ago, Andrea finished a cardigan she had designed herself that was knit top-down, and it was fabulous. Given my finishing skills (and I use that term loosely in relation to myself), I think it's worth a try to do something with minimum amount of finishing involved ...  I have been poking around to see what I already have, but I'll definitely want to take a look at this new book when it shows up at Rosie's.

However, if I could get only one new book, it would be New England Knits.  I have looked through it several times already, and asked The Tim to get it for me for Christmas.  (It's times like this I wish I had a fall birthday ...)

Anyway, I am knitting along on things.  I've nearly finished putting the Pickle sweater together (yeah don't die of shock there), and have started a blanket for a shelter animal, as well as made it to the second of the pair of socks I'm knitting.  I would show you a picture but at the moment, I can't get the image thing to work, so that can/will have to be another post.

OK, enough blathering simply because it's 8-9-10.  I hope yours is/was a good one.  I am not posting a Ten on Tuesday tomorrow, since this week's topic is 10 Reasons Why I Love Bacon.  Not much to say about that because a) I'm a vegetarian, and b), even before I was, I'm not sure I would have had 10 things to say about bacon ...

Jetsam says hello, by the way.  :-)


Jenn said...

Every time I see a post of yours come up in Google Reader, I hope fervently that nothing has happened to Jetsam and that I won't be forced to kick the universe in the ass.

You should look at Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard, I think that most of the patterns are top-down...but I haven't read it, only looked through it at a knitting night. But I saw enough of it that 3 of the patterns are in my Ravelry queue!

I am on the waiting list for New England Knits at our library. Boooo. Hurry up book!

I need to start blankets for shelter animals. You would think that being unemployed would mean I have a lot of time...

(Um, I apparently am quite chatty tonight.)

Kathleen Dames said...

Hi, Jetsam!
Did you know it is also the centenary of Elizabeth Zimmermann's birthday? Well, it was yesterday. Man, I get lazy about reading blogs in the summer (and writing my own posts, obviously).
I like these kind of days, too. My high school graduation was on 6-7-89.

SissySees said...

Hello, Jetsam!

Mj was also quite delighted with yesterday's date. It reminded me of my dispatching days... I loved saying, "Engine 11, 11:11."

Hem. I have a fall anniversary, and I'm bold enough to admit it is because I have a summer birthday and Christmas is, well, you know... ;)

Kim said...

Really? Nothing to say about bacon? Really?

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Bringing snacks is a good start :)

Hum. Have to take a peak at the New England knits book....

I'll help you out on the Bacon. I love bacon because it's the most flavorful and savory side meat- ever!

Carrie #K said...

I like mathematically interesting dates and I didn't even twig to yesterday's until your post. Huh.

Bacon is the only reason I could never be a vegetarian fully. And pigs are so cute and smart too. Unlike chickens.

Lynn said...

I didn't notice the date until later in the day and thought, what a cool day to be born! Honestly it's the only way I can remember birthdays!! My one niece was born 9/4/94 and I remember all birthdays around her! LOL and my grandmother was born 9/10/11.

Lorraine said...

Hello there Jetsam.

The Knitting Pure & Simple line of patterns is mostly top-down, and they're great. Almost no finishing.

Marie said...

I could sure come up with 10 reasons why I love bacon.

Hello to Jetsam!

Brigitte said...

Bacon? Really. Bacon?

Hi Jetsam! I agree with Lorraine - the Knitting Pure and Simple line have really expanded, and they are exactly that - simple, and top-down.

(But...it's bacon...)