03 August 2010

A Little Housekeeping Note and a Ten on Tuesday

Argh.  I spent so much time on Saturday, putting things from my stash in Ravelry, and trying to make sure there were no mistakes.  Found out yesterday that apparently something wacko was going on with our computer connection or something.  I found this out because the bank called to ask me what was going on with the bills I "paid" online and the information I entered over the weekend.  After a bit of time on the phone with a very helpful IT customer service rep and then a visit to the bank itself over my lunch hour, we determined that it was not someone hacking in or anything, but some glitch that caused payment amounts to either a) show up as way too little or way too much, or b) as gobbledygook.  I'm glad that someone noticed that I usually don't pay $.20 on the electric bill or "ssm46tt.99" for the mortgage.  Anyway, all seems to be well now - at least with the bank stuff.  (So much for online banking being a better way to do things ... though at least I didn't end up not being able to pass GO and going directly to jail, a la Monopoly ...)

So I checked my Ravelry sale page last night and there were some, er, interesting prices listed for stuff.  (My favorite was the Lamb's Pride for $8%%.65 ...) I have gone through this evening and edited, and am hoping that it worked.  In any event, if you decide to look - or look again - let me know if something seems weirdly priced, or even waaaay overpriced.  I sure wish I'd checked things yesterday, both there and on the online banking page.  But such is life, all should be well now.
OK, housekeeping done.  Next:

For a number of reasons, I haven't done this one for a while.  This week's topic is 10 Things to Bring on Vacation.  I wish I was on some kind of vacation from the universe at the moment, but decided that just thinking about what to take on a regular vacation would need to suffice.  :-)

I have never been on a vacation longer than a week, so my list is based on that amount of time.  Also, I am working on the assumption that The Tim and my clothes would be automatically included ...

1.  Three to four books.

2.  A knitting project.

3.  My MP3 player.

4.  Cash.

5.  Stamps for post cards (I love to send post cards!)

6.  A map.

7.  A book of those word puzzles where you need to find the hidden words.

8.  Two or three non-socially redeeming magazines to read for the fun of it.

9.  Guidebook.

10.  A taste for adventure!

What about you???


Lorraine said...

Bridget- Gee, I'd like to comment on that, but I can't remember the last time I actually went on a vacation.

Le sigh.

SissySees said...

LOL!! As much as I favor the net for most things, the Knight continues to write checks by hand. I think I'm glad of that.

Love the stamps on the vacation list. Many of the other items are very similar on all the lists...

Carrie #K said...

Weirdly enough, that is my exact mortgage payment. :)

Looks like a good list to me! Mine are usually long weekends and I take entirely too many knitting projects and books and I always manage to forget either my toothbrush, nightgown or something essential. Even with a list. Pah.

Brigitte said...

I'm with you on so many of those. And, also with Lorraine. I can't remember the last time I went on vacation either! *sigh*

Marie said...

Vacation?? WTF is that? One of these days we'll both get to take a real vacation. (I'm all for the non-socially redeeming reading materials on vacation.)