30 August 2010

Coming Attraction

From the people who brought you the Oscar-winning "No Country for Old Men," comes a tale of a young cat whose summer has seen the death of two of his siblings within a week.  Not yet recovered from that trauma, he thinks that at least things can't get worse - but oh, is he wrong!  Enter a large, black, fuzzy dog (with a bad haircut) who comes to spend a three-day weekend, forcing the young cat to feel that the only way he can survive those days is to Live In The Basement!!

For release in Fall 2012: 

No Household for Young Cats

Based on the true story, written by Jetsam

about that very weekend when Doughboy was a houseguest


Jetsam .................... Zac Efron
Doughboy .............. James Earl Jones
The Ma ................... Jane Lynch
The Da ...... Christopher Walken


Some early buzz from the critics:

"Terrifying" -- Cat Fancy

"A cautionary tale for all cats everywhere, and the families who love them"
-- VCA Cat Hospital Newsletter

"Well done, but not for small children" -- Highlights for Children

"Lightweight tragicomedy about the excessive overreaction of a cat to a harmless dog's visit"
-- Dog Fancy

"Fun for the entire family!" -- AKC Monthly

** Rated R (Sensitive Situations)


Jenn said...

Haaaa, love the reviews!

Maureen said...

Too funny! Kuddos to the casting director!!

Carol said...

It's all fun and games until kitty pees on your bed.

Anonymous said...

Having Walken as a father would be enough to send me to the basement, frankly.

Chris said...

Aw, poor Jetsam! Will he ever recover?!

teabird said...

Christopher Walken! Sign me up - I'll see anything he's in.
(Note: I never did nominate him as Knitter's Hunk, did I? Hmmm.)

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I thought surely by now we would see you Pickled ;) What's the deal????

Poor Jetsam ~ that dog does look the eager to play type. Hope no fur flew in this movie ~ I hate violence.

BTW, if you haven't seen Inception we found it an intriguing flick AND congratulations on your 4th Birthday!

Marie said...

Aw, poor Jetsam! I hope he recovers after that extraordinarily sweet-looking doggie goes home.

SissySees said...

My sides hurt from laughing. But I'd pay money to see it!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Jetsam!

Dianne said...

You crack me up!!!

Carrie #K said...

LOL! Poor Jetsam. He suffers so.

Lorraine said...

Of course, Jetsam is well aware that dogs are not harmless.

joanchicago said...

Thanks for the laughs on this rainy morning. I imagine Jetsam is not the first cat to think his life might be perfect material for the Coen brothers. LOVE your casting. Genius!