26 December 2010

On the Second Day of Christmas ...

It snowed.  Yep, we are having a winter storm, and it's snowing like crazy, and guess what??? NO PLOWS have come down our street!!!  Ignore the fact that our street is approximately 4 inches wide, it's still coming down hard, and city plows don't fit down our street.  In Philadelphia (especially when the Eagles came has been postponed), it is apparently a requirement to complain a) loudly, b) indignantly, and c) seemingly eternally if your street isn't plowed and 100% back to normal immediately.  Therefore it is my duty as a citizen to let others know, so that a) they can join in, or b) they can say "Well our street is fine," and then we will say well sure, you live in the part of the city/the same street as/the area where they *always* plow and ignore the rest of us. 

Actually, when you live on an unplow-able street, you learn to move on.  As far as I know, all of our neighbors have survived in the past, and likely will this time.


It is in fact the second day of Christmas, and we are still enjoying ourselves. There was much fun, merriment, and enjoyment of presents and stockings yesterday.  Today we've been able to just be happy that we are so lucky, and to get a new appreciation for things we received.  I have spent the day feeling especially cozy, in my new fleece top that The Tim picked out for me.  Jetsam has been busy with his new catnip toy.  The Tim carried his new messenger bag to work, and declared it a successful gift, which pleased me greatly.

I'm not sure I've ever shown this picture before.  This is one of the very first Christmas decorations we had when we got married.  At the time, The Tim was in graduate school at Notre Dame, and we had a nice (albeit very small) apartment in Married Student Housing,  One of his fellow students mentioned how she made a wreath for her apartment door.  We were inspired to do the same, so we went to a local craft store (G.L. Perry? I don't remember), and bought the wreath, a roll of ribbon, and the little ornament.  A couple of hours later, Voila!, we had a Christmas wreath!

This has been put away and pulled out for use again for the last 32 years.  I sincerely doubt that we paid even $10.00 for the supplies, but it's traveled the country with us, always going on the front door of our apartments and now our house.  Every year when we pull it out, I am first of all amazed that it is still in such good shape, and secondly glad to know that the wreath - and us - are still around to make Christmastime merry.

Street plow? Homemade Christmas wreath? 

For me at least, it's a no-brainer.


mary said...

Merry Christmas Bridget! I was wondering how you are doing in the blizzard. Hope you get plowed out. Heard that the Vikings and Eagles game was postponed...not that I've ever actually watched an entire Vikings game. Hope you survive. Your ice box cookies look scrumptious! So nice you have been able to keep the wreath all these years.

Kim said...


Lorraine said...

Bridget- How come everyone is getting snow? I live in Canada for Pete's sake!! What is up with that?

Glad you guys had a nice Christmas- your wreath and you will be around for many more.

Carrie#K said...

That wreath is too perfect, especially for the memories! And its traveled well.

Hope your tooth is all better! And that they plow your street soon. ;)

Channon said...

What a sweet tradition. I have nothing that has happened with that regularity.

SparkCrafted said...

I won't complain about the plowing (I live on a snow emergency route, so I'm always plowed....). I will, instead, complain about the second-favorite thing for Philadelphians to raise rabble about: SEPTA. That's my entire complaint, right that. Just one word, and it's their name.

Now, excuse me while I make plans to go home tonight and shovel out my bus stop across the street. :-P