06 September 2011

Back to Ten on Tuesday!

Yep, it's been a while since I participated.  Mostly because I was busy with other stuff, and didn't make the time.  Sometimes the topics didn't really "speak" to me, but this one definitely does!

The topic for this week:

10 Things You Want to Knit this Fall/Winter

Now, I've got about 85 things I want to knit, and surely I could start some of them this Fall/Winter.  But you know what?  There are plenty of things that I've wanted to knit, and are underway.  So I'm putting them at the top of the list ... or maybe they will be the list, I don't know.  Let's see ...

1.  Adventskalendar

I started this in early January 2009, figuring I'd have it ready for that Christmas.  I'm slightly more than 50% finished, and I have a whole three months, so I really want to finish it.  And I think it's "aged" enough, don't you?

2.  A scarf, cowl, and hat that are currently secrets, as they are Christmas gifts.
I have the scarf started, and they are going to be for THIS Christmas (see #1).  Because they are for a single family, I'm counting them as a single project.

(Ravelry link)

I started this late last year, ripped it out when I saw I'd made a huge mistake, and then started it again in January 2011.  I put it aside because I've gotten to a complicated part which I wasn't certain I understood. But you know what?  It didn't finish knitting itself for me - go figure.  I need to either figure it out, or find someone to help me, and finish it.  I love the pattern and the yarn, and think I would love the finished sweater.

I started these in June, and was sailing along until I got to the heel, which threw me for a loop.  Finally, a month later, I e-mailed Courtney, the designer, and was assured it was just a heel I hadn't seen before (Dutch heel).  These are very nearly done.  They are supposed to be for The Tim, and I would like to have them sooner rather than later.  If all else fails, by his BD in November.

5.  Narrangansett

Started this earlier this summer, and got to a point where I was not sure what to do next.  The answer is to do the same thing as I need to do with the Mallard Sweater (#3).  I won't be wearing it even if I finish it over the winter, but it would sure be nice to have it ready to wear next spring!

6.  Shetland Triangle

I started this in October 2010, since I was told by more than one person that it was a great first lace project.  Grrrr.  I keep having problems with stitch counts and am apparently the only person unable to "read" my knitting.  But I am determined to finish it, as the ones I have seen are so pretty, and it would be a great layering piece.

7.  Snuggle

I started a blanket with some cheapo acrylic to send to a shelter for homeless animals.  I'm more than halfway finished, so I should really finish it so some sweet animal can have its own blankie.

(Ravelry link)

OK, this is not a wip, but rather something I bought and wound the yarn to make, and then realized the instructions had you starting to knit the legs two at a time on circular needles, like some people knit socks.  I've never even tried that, so I stopped short.  But I would love to make her!

9.  Hat of my own design

I want to try and design a hat for myself.  I bought two skeins of yarn last year specifically to use in a hat.  I have a couple of ideas, but am not sure if any are currently doable in my brain.  I'll keep you posted on this one ...

(Ravelry link)

This one I started at the Dawn of [My Knitting] Time, not realizing that it was over my head.  Not that it's complicated, just that I have trouble with stitch counts and chart-reading, and once again, cannot "read" my knitting very well, if at all.  (See #6. Another grrrr.)  But it's a beautiful shawl, and I am determined to finish and wear it some day.  I even frogged a lot of it a while back to where I didn't think it looked right, so that when it is finally finished, I'll be pleased with all of it.

BTW, sorry for a lack of photos.  Flickr has once again changed the way it provides links, and every time I try to link to one of my photos, Blogger tells me the link is invalid.  (The photos that are here are from my computer's files.)  

Any suggestions from any of you who have made it this far on how to get pictures to appear would be very much appreciated!   (Grrrr indeed.)

Well, there they are.  I will be amazed and ecstatic if I can even get 50% of the knitting above accomplished.  Stay tuned!


Marie said...

Wow! You're ambitious. I'd just like to get my peace sign sweater finished before next spring. I should have been knitting through all those baseball games where your Phillies beat the snot out of my Braves (like last night). Happy knitting!

Lorette said...

Lots of good projects! I have no suggestions on the photo problem, but I do know how frustrating it can be to spend hours trying to fix a computering issue instead of doing something productive...

sprite said...

I really like the look of Laura Chau's designs.

In Flickr, just click on the Share button above your picture. Ignore the first option, which it sounds like is what's bogging Blogger down, and instead click on the second option, "Grab the HTML/BBCode."

Pick the size photo you want (small probably corresponds to the other pictures you used) and copy the code from the box.

If Blogger will let you put HTML code straight into your editor (like it does with this comment box, for instance), just paste that code in and you should be done.

If they don't, then they probably have an HTML button or something like that that will let you look at the code of your post. Go into that and paste the code in and then save the post before returning to the editor.

Good luck!

joanchicago said...

I've had high hopes for your mallard sweater since you posted the first photo of it. The design is beautifully simple, and the color is perfection itself.

Carrie#K said...

I left Blogger because it wouldn't upload my photos. At least not in any reasonable amount of time. So, sympathy but not so much helpfulness.

Lots of cool projects! I love Eleanor. I tend to have to slog through most of my knitting armed with enlarged charts, multi colors of highlighters, stitchmarkers and a certain amount of swearing. I'm just hoping to finish up a couple of sweaters this year.

How far did you get on the stash room?

SparkCrafted said...

Neat! I am also knitting Amelia! I started it somewhere along the road between here and Wisconsin and am about 4.5 inches into it. We should be KAL buddies, without all the expectations of KAL.