04 September 2011

Labor Day Weekend

I've been out of school for approximately 82 years, but Labor Day weekend still makes me think of a fresh start.  This year, instead of new notebooks and sharpened pencils, I've been trying to pay attention to things that need to be done, or that I've thought I could work on this weekend.  Some are small things (put away plastic food containers piled up on the top of the microwave), some things only I'll notice (taking some shoes I haven't worn in years and putting them in a box to take to Goodwill or wherever), and then there is one big thing I'm hoping to do:  clean up the computer/stash/sewing/other room in our house.  If I can get even a small start, I'll consider it a good sign.

I'm guessing we are not the only ones with such a room in our house - you know, the one that is easily the most out of sight of anyone, where it's convenient to leave things to be "dealt with later."  Then all of a sudden, you can barely make your way through it, and well, forget actually finding anything!

A couple of weeks ago, I bought one of those cubbyhole-organizer type things, with the idea that I could organize my stash there.  Meaning that I would be able to actually SEE what I have, and [in theory] not buy a lot more until I'd made space by actually knitting some of it!  I put the organizer thing together last weekend, and set it where I want it to go, and then quit.  I'd just had it, and the thought of even organizing it made me want to harm someone (other than myself).

So that, my friends, is how I'll be spending Labor Day.  The Tim has to work during the day, so I'm going to try and really work on my stash and that room.  I figure if I start early in the morning, and give myself permission to take a couple of small breaks, I'll make a dent, even if I have intensive snooper-vision from Jetsam and Pip.  My ultimate goal is for the room to be nice-looking and actually usable!  I have decided that it must be entirely finished by the end of November.  Since we wrap holiday packages in there, it needs to have available space.  

The fact that it is supposed to be rainy tomorrow will only help with my plan.  And then I'll make a picnic-y dinner for us to have, so we'll still get to have a little Labor Day celebration.

Is it weird that I'm really looking forward to all of this?  'Cause I am.

Here's hoping that your Labor Day is as nice as you are hoping it will be.


Lorette said...

Oh yeah, I have one of those. I keep reorganizing, when what I really need to do is dredge it out and get rid of about half of it. Not happening this weekend...

Kim said...

Sounds like fun! I'm pinning hems on skirts I'm making. I guess if you want to labor on Labor Day, you might as well get something fun accomplished.

Maureen said...

Hope your labour day was as productive as you'd planned, but not so productive that you didn't take some time to just put your feet up and relax! I've got to get busy and organize my stash too because Charlie has taken to snatching skeins of yarn and bolting out into the back yard with them :(

joanchicago said...

I believe the technical term for the room with no path from door to far wall is "eeeek room." Anyway that's the name I've given my guest bedroom/office/photo-gear storage room.