24 July 2012

In Which I Take Stock

Do you remember this post?  The other day it occurred to me that it was nearly the end of July, and I hadn't really stepped back and taken stock of how/if I was remembering to be kind - well, to remember to try to be kinder, really.  So I decided that there was no time like the present to do so.

So, as former NYC mayor Ed Koch used to say, "How'm I doin'?"

Well, I have to first admit that I have not - for the most part - been consciously remembering to try to be kinder.  In that, I don't get up every morning and ask myself how I will be kinder on any given day.  Actually, I get up every weekday morning and take Dug for a walk, which does give me a chance to think of what might be ahead.  And I have taken the advice from nearly every magazine article I've read about sleep, and I now get up when the alarm goes off, and do not ever hit the snooze button.  Actually, I set the alarm for 15 minutes earlier, so that I can wake up, hear a weather report on the radio, and take my time getting up.  So maybe I'm being kinder to myself, you know?

Overall, I would say I'm doing OK.  I am learning to keep my mouth shut more instead of saying something unkind.  I am resisting the urge to tell other people to shut up, and instead finding ways to either remove myself from the situation or think happy thoughts (i.e., the kitties and Dug).  I am trying more seriously to see God in other people (this one is the absolute hardest thing of all, if you ask me).

I have decided that I have definitely been making progress, even if in increments of baby steps.  I will never change how I am hard-wired, but learning to control myself and deal with my immediate feelings about someone/something is definitely doable.

Oh - and I decided that it was time to treat myself to another "prize" and bought myself this necklace. I think it is doubly appropriate because of the reminder about my word, but also because of the bee - since I work with a lot of entomologists!

Finally, I have been truly tested lately with the Penn State situation and the shootings in Aurora, Colorado.  I cannot bear it when people decide that they have taken the moral imperative, and will not even consider other opinions.  It annoys me when others pass judgement even though they are not immediately involved.  Case in point:  all of the people in an uproar because young children were at the "Batman" movie, and stating that those parents are terrible parents.  I think that absolutely NO ONE has the right to criticize anyone else's parenting.  If someone asks your opinion, or if you are counseling someone, than go ahead and say what you think.  But otherwise, just decide that you won't do whatever it is with your children, and move on with your life.  I posted on Facebook that I thought it must be getting pretty crowded on the high ground these days.  And that is something I just cannot stand.

Regardless of the situation, I think everyone would do well to remember that but for the grace of God, it could be any or all of us facing these horrible situations.

So yeah - no kindness there, I'm afraid.  I'm pretty sure that perfection is not slated for me in this lifetime ... and I'm just fine with that.


Carrie#K said...

But you're so close to perfection!! I love that necklace.

Oh wow, people started berating parents who brought their babies to a midnight showing? Are they kidding? Do babies have a sleep schedule? Talk about blaming the victim or kicking someone when they're down. That's horrible.

KSD said...

The Bee Kind necklace is ideal.

And, yes, it is hard to find kindness when the world and its commentators see one way alone, and shout it with fierceness and at high volume.