19 March 2013

A Random Ten

Today's Ten on Tuesday topic works just fine for me:

10 Random Things on My Mind

The challenge for me is, only 10???

Here you go.

1.  How much of a hassle will it be to get new glasses?  I just got new glasses and frames last summer, but they have been problematic ever since.  Turns out, my current trifocals are overkill in two lenses, and underkill in one.  I really don't like my frames, so I might as well replace them too.  Of course, that assumes I can somehow afford them, even with the fairly good vision insurance that I have ...

2.  What will my design for my inappropriate Easter egg be?  I have a couple of ideas, that's not the problem.  Executing the design so that it is in any way decipherable is the issue ...

3.  Will I ever make the time to write down the complicated part of a pattern I am knitting so I can actually finish the thing?  I thought I'd do it last week, when I took some extra days off for my birthday, but I didn't even think of it.  I just need some time when I am in the mood, and can have a good chance of no interruptions.

4.  Should there be a knitting get-together this year? I've done it for two years in a row, actually calling it the Annual Faux Knitting Get-Together, and mixing knitting and non-knitting friends.  It's been fun, and successful, but usually by now it's planned and people are invited.  Do I even have the energy to do it this year?

5.  Will the baby sweater I am nearly finished knitting actually fit the intended baby?

6.  Why are people such jerks?

7.  I need to go back to the gym.  Sooner rather than later.  Once I'm in the groove, I'm fine. But while I was sick, I couldn't get out of bed, much less go anywhere.  And then I had to catch up on so much else.  Next week, hopefully.

8.  I need to really clean the second floor.  The third floor and the first floor recently got a good cleaning.  The second floor is the last bastion of dirt, and must be conquered!

9.  I have a couple of ideas for easy patterns in my brain.  Will I ever actually try to knit them?

10.  I'm glad tomorrow is Wednesday.

That's all folks!!

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