12 March 2013


This week's Ten on Tuesday topic is:  Ten Favorite Things That Are Green, in honor of St. Patrick's Day this coming Sunday.  I couldn't wait to participate in this one, because a) green is my favorite color, b) St. Patrick's Day is one of my very most favorite holidays, and c) I haven't gotten my act together in time to participate for the last few weeks.  So here you go!

1.  Shamrocks.  I mean, if we are talking St. Patrick's Day, you gotta go for the shamrock.  

2.  Ireland.  Truly.  There is a reason it's called The Emerald Isle.  Granted, not every single inch is green, that would just be impossible, but you see a lot of it when you are there.

3.  Jetsam's eyes.  They particularly stand out against his charcoal gray fur.  He is a beautiful kitty with a very expressive face.

4.  Christmas trees!  (Did you really think I'd leave out something related to one of my other very most favorite holidays???)

5.  Fresh herbs, like basil, parsely, oregano, rosemary - well you get my drift.  I don't just love seeing them, and think they are tasty, but some of them have the best scents!

6.  My favorite water bottle.  It's about three years old now, but I love it too much to think of replacing it, and it's still in pretty good shape!  (Plus it has ladybugs on it!)

7.  Yarn!  If you ever visited me, and saw my yarn stash, you would wonder if I realized there were other colors out there ... granted, it's not all the same shade of green ...

8.  Veggies.  OK, there are other colors of veggies besides green, but the green ones are some of the very best - I'm even a person who loves Brussels sprouts!

9.  My new shawl!  Except you have to wait for a separate post to see it ...

[Photo not available]

10.  The Barnes & Noble sign.  

This may seem like an odd choice, but it actually plays a huge part in our lives here at Chez Ravell'd Sleave.  When we first moved to Philadelphia, we moved here because The Tim had a job in publishing.  After approximately 10 years at that job, he was unceremoniously laid off (long story, but not mine to tell).  Fortunately, he was hired at Barnes & Noble, and the rest, as they say, is history.  I know some see it as one of the evil-empire big-box stores, and I can appreciate that.  But I can tell you that it is thanks to B&N that we have been able pay our mortgage as well as our other bills. So I am a big fan and supporter. 

And I know there are only supposed to be ten things, but with baseball season so close to starting, it's worth remembering that baseball fields have a lot of green too ...



Michelle B. said...

Your list today made me smile. Thanks!

Leslie said...

I love Brussel sprouts, too!

Teri said...

My goodness, we have a lot in common. I can relate to all your choices. And may I just say, "Baseball, baby!!!"

Kym said...

So many wonderful green things! (I completely forgot the B&N sign! That's a fun one!)

Beverly said...

The only time I've been to Ireland was in December (2001), and I was delighted to see it really was the Emerald Isle, even in winter!