14 May 2013

Ten TV Mothers

Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is:  Your Favorite TV Moms. I think this is a fun one, so here is my list, in absolutely no order.

1.  Peg Bundy - on "Married with Children."  In a lot of ways, she reminded me of my own mother - particularly the smoking-while-cooking shots.  She was realistic about her family and still had a pretty good time.

2.  Lily Munster - on "The Munsters."  She thought her family was just so amazing, and that her husband was so incredibly handsome - I used to love it when she was worried that other women would try to steal Herman Munster away from her!

3.  Lorelai Gilmore - on "The Gilmore Girls."  She was far from perfect, but lots of fun.

4.  Lois - from "Malcolm in the Middle."  She had a crappy job, and annoying kids, but was still so great.  I always loved how the boys would warn each other "Don't look into her eyes, don't look into her eyes!"

5.  Evelyn - on "Two and a Half Men."  I haven't seen this show in years, but I always liked the episodes where she had a major part of the story.

6.  Laura Petrie - on "The Dick Van Dyke Show."  She was so glamorous, and they always managed to have a party that would allow her to dance on the coffee table.  I never knew anyone's mother who did that!

7.  Lucy Ricardo - on "I Love Lucy."  She was always so determined to do things her way!

8 and 9 - Abigail on "The West Wing" and Veronica on "The Good Wife."  Both played by Stockard Channing.  Different types, but both forces to be reckoned with.

10.  Hyacinth Bucket - on "Keeping Up Appearances" on PBS.  Hyacinth is so devoted to her son, Sheridan, who never actually shows up but is constantly calling for money from his parents for himself and/or his "friend" Tarquin.

I'm sure there are others, but this group came to mind first.  Clearly, I'm not someone who finds "perfect" mothers appealing.  The others are just so much more interesting!


Lorraine said...

Bridget- Yes, Lily Munster rocks.

Rebecca said...

lots of moms in last part unfamiliar with but totally on track for top 5 lol

Kym said...

Great list! I love Lois, too!

teabird said...

Mary Hartman! Mary Hartman!

Carrie K said...

Lots of good moms!

Lynn said...

Laura Petrie used to amaze me as well. Great figure, could still dance as a professional. And I was always jealous of those dinner parties!!! Would have loved to attend. Never knew anybody who threw them either.