27 September 2013

Five Favorites for This Friday

I've decided that with the week I have had, dealing with shingles, and being worried about time off from work, that it would feel good to concentrate on some good things, some things that were nice/good/fun during the week.  I try to be regularly thankful and in the moment, but weeks like this make it seem almost impossible.

All the more reason to find the good stuff.  Of course, there are always the obvious good things - family, having a job, having someplace to live, and I do tend to remember them more consciously than other stuff.  But let's see what made this week a good one.

1.  Wonderful fall weather.  It's been so nice and cool and sunny, with the kind of overnight weather that just makes you glad to snuggle under a blanket.

2.  A great doctor.  My dermatologist is the best.  I have been going to her for more than 10 years, and she is still as involved and attentive as my first meeting with her.  She is kind, and even called me today to make sure I was doing better, and to see if I had questions.

3.  Old movies.  Since daytime TV is such a bust, it was a great surprise to find one of the off-channels that shows old movies.  They were highlights in otherwise long days where I was supposed to stay put.

4.  Blogs.  I read a lot of blogs about numerous topics, and often I have to read quickly or just skim some of them.  But this week, it's been like having friends stop by to keep me company, without me having to make any effort to deal with them.  I've been able to just take my time and enjoy reading.

5.  Honeycrisp apples.  Alone, with peanut butter, sliced, whole, however you have them, they are one of my very favorite things about fall.  We get them at the Farmer's Market, and even when they are a little bit more than the other apples there, it's worth it.

What about you?  I hope you can think of five (or more!) good things, and that your weekend includes lots of them as well.


Mereknits said...

First I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. Shingles are horrible and awfully painful. You are so lovely to try and find the good when things are not going well. My favorite thing this week is seeing the beautiful hank of yarn you gifted me, it is hanging from a hook on the door in my craft space, It looks so colorful against the white door. Something you can think about is the happiness you brought to seven people this week with your generosity.

Hope you feel better,

elns said...

Oh my gosh, I was woe is me-ing trying to shake my head/throat cold this week. I hope you feel better soon. I missed your last post when you were diagnosed! However I LOVE how you do stay positive. There is so much that is good and great, and I love how you share that. It's good for all of us (me) to read. Oh, and we are a no peanut butter household, but I love honey crisp apples, I might have to track some down now that you mention it. How'd you think they do with Nutella? We Nutella-ize a lot of things we probably don't need to.

Nancy said...

Shingles are by far the most painful thing that I've had. I hope your improve quickly.

Good things: friends, knitting projects, instant pudding, microwaves, circular needles.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are starting to feel better.

HoneyCrisp apples are AWESOME. I like mine with almond butter.

My five: UCF football on NETWORK TELEVISION! WOWZERS! A husband that works hard to keep our house nice. A happy and healthy son. Lots of crafts to keep me entertained. AND, last but not least --- blogging friends to go visit whenever I turn on my laptop.

kathy b said...

Aww I do feel like my blog buddies have interesting lovely posts, too

5 things:

I learned the RUssian Join for starting a new skien of yarn to the end of another

My friend 's owl has been calling so we can hear him
so fun

I got downstaffed today; It is an gorgeous saturday and Im thrilled to be home

Pie, my kitten, is done with her immunizations Finally. We did them all individually do to her issues. Today was Rabies. All done


Benadryl....nothing helps my allergies like it and it doesnt make me too tired like it does some other folks. I love the stuff

Lorraine said...

Bridget- Oh dear. Shingles are awful- they even sound awful.

I wait for Russet apples this time of year.