02 September 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Here in the U.S., it's Labor Day weekend.  The Tim has had to work Saturday, Sunday, and then this evening, so we haven't done anything too elaborate.  I made a picnic-y dinner for us last night, and this a.m. we went out to breakfast, so that was our big excitement.

I had big plans for this weekend, and to some extent, I did get things done.  We have a room that was the craft room/office/dump-everything room that we have been fixing up, and I wanted to make some progress on that.  I did, and though it's not in its final version, it's close and you can more easily walk around than you could before.  :-)  That plan = good result.

I also wanted to knit a swatch of a project I have had in my head, thinking that I might actually submit it for publication.  The actual item is knit in the round, and I knitted the swatch according to some directions I found on someone's blog a while back.  It turned out looking like C.R.A.P.  So, no submission there, but down the road, it might become a freebie.   That plan = mixed results.

I was going to mail some of the blogiversary packages.  Got them packed up nicely and ready to go.  However, our local P.O. turned out to be closed on Saturday as well as Sunday and today.  So at the latest, I'll have to try next weekend.  That plan = bad results.

I was hoping to give the house a good clean, since it has been a while and the place is kinda disgusting.  But the entire weekend seemed to be a heat and humidity fest, and without a/c, there was just no way cleaning could happen and I could not make myself sick.  I did however, get the laundry finished.  So, that plan = mixed results.

You can see it's been a mixed bag of a weekend.  At first I was disappointed, but you know what?  I'm not gonna let myself be disappointed.  I got some things accomplished, and that counts!  Plus, it was a holiday weekend, and those are just too few and far between to feel bad about anything.

I hope all of you had a good holiday weekend.  I'm gonna get a few things organized to make the morning simpler tomorrow, and then it's time to read or knit, and relax.

September is here.  :-)


Nancy said...

I've been knitting like crazy this weekend (several new Oddball blankets started on empty needles). I managed to use a lot of small balls of scrap yarn, which made me feel even more productive.

KSD said...

Excellent strategy.