24 September 2013

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. The OK. The Happy.

The Good.

We had a FABULOUS weekend this past weekend!  One of my nieces and her husband have access to a beach house in Rehoboth Beach, and they invited us to hang out with them.  Even Dug the Doodle Dog went along, and all of us had a great time!  The weather was gorgeous - cool, sunny, and clear.  We didn't do anything special, just spent time together, hung out on the beach, and did a lot of laughing.  It was so great.  (Dug is still recovering ...)

The Bad.

I had big plans to finish my Breezy Turquoise by the first day of fall.  And I was making real progress, until the past couple of weeks, when we were getting ready for Members' Night at work.  It's a BIG DEAL, and by the time I'd get home, I would be too exhausted to think, much less knit.  Then the weekends were busy working on a house project, which was fortunately finished, but meant that no knitting was accomplished.  I took it with me this past weekend, and ended up not knitting a single stitch.

The Ugly.

Shingles.  I haz 'em.  On me, not on the roof.  Goodbye, small amount of sick time and vacation I had left at work.  :-(  I have been ordered to stay home the rest of the week to see how well I do/do not recover.

The OK.

In my effort to make lemonade out of the above lemon, I am hoping that over the next few days, I will be able to be comfortable enough somehow to knit on my Breezy Turquoise.  My new goal is to finish it before Halloween.  If I can find a way to sit that is not ridiculously painful, I could really make some progress.  This is currently the only thing keeping me from complete despair.

The Happy.

Ending on a good note, I am so very thrilled that those of you who received packages from my blogiversary giveaway were pleased with what your packages contained.  The lovely notes that you have sent to me has made me so happy, and I know that the things I sent out will have happy homes where they are loved and used.  Which was the whole idea in the first place.  So to those who wrote, you are more than welcome.  And to everyone else, I hope you'll keep reading.  :-)

Let's all hang in there!


sprite said...

Oh, sweetie! I hope you feel better soon!

SissySees said...

Oh no! Shingles, go away!! I hear they're truly miserable, so I hope you find a comfortable position.

Lynn said...

So sorry you are suffering with shingles. They are NOT fun!!! Hope you feel better soon!! At least you are able to knit!

Anonymous said...

Oh YUCK . . . shingles are the worst. Hope they clear up quickly and you are able to get knitting again.

Nancy said...

I hope you were able to get the medication that zaps the Shingles before they become full-blown. Believe me, it works, but the window of treatment is limited.

Feel better soon

kathy b said...

I've had the shingles too, but even as a nurse we are allowed to work if our clothes covered them. Too bad because I felt so lousy I wish I had to stay home.
Get better!!!

Michelle B. said...

Hope you have a speedy recovery and a least get comfortable enough for some serious knitting time.

Mereknits said...

Oh no Shingles, I am so sorry you are feeling so much pain. I had Chicken Pox when I was 19 and those babies hurt, it was awful. Get well my friend, I am gazing at your beautiful yarn as I write this.

Kathleen Dames said...

Oh, no! Hope you're feeling better (and that you find some knitting time). [I'm back to reading blogs on my laptop, since I couldn't comment when reading via Feedly on my phone, so that's why I haven't commented in a while.]