15 February 2014

Extra Long Long Weekend

Oh the wonderfulness of being at home!  And I have been since Thursday!

I usually take Valentine's Day as a day off, if I can.  Because it's Jetsam and Pip's birthdays, and it's Valentine's Day.  Unlike most other people, I actually like Valentine's Day.  I think of it as a day when you let people know that you are thinking of them and love them, as opposed to a day only for romantic love.  Growing up, we always got a card on Valentine's Day, and usually some little gift - often candy, maybe a book, a pair of earrings, something.  And yes, I do agree that you should let people know that they are special/that you love them every day, but so what?   Should I skip my birthday because other people may have also been born that day?  (As Basil Fawlty would say, "Not bloody likely.")

So, I had planned the day off on Friday, and then it turns out that Monday is President's Day, which is a holiday where I work.  A nice four-day weekend.  Then it snowed big-time on Wednesday, so we actually had a snow day on Thursday - that hardly ever happens!  But it did mean I ended up with a five-day weekend - YAY!!

Granted, I have not felt great, as I think I am getting a cold - sore throat, congestion, aches - but the fact is that I AM NOT AT WORK.  And I'm loving every single minute.  I'm getting things done, but also enjoying lots of down time, cuddles with the kitties and Dug, and time with The Tim when he is home.  My time is my own, for real.

A lot of people might think that I should use this time to do as much as possible.  But I am trying to: a) avoid getting really sick, so taking it easy, and b) making an effort to tell myself that every waking minute does not have to be "useful" to be worthwhile.

Plus, I get to be at home!  As much as I enjoy traveling and exploring, home is truly where my heart is.  and there are two WHOLE days left!

Sometimes, life is good.  :-)

Our front gate


Nancy said...

Enjoy your time off.

Love the photo!

kathy b said...

and there are Olympics to watch and knit to!!
How do those people handle getting sick on a BIG day??

More snow here tomorrow too

Caffeine Girl said...

I think you are absolutely right to enjoy these winter days at home. They are a gift! You can get things done later.

KSD said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous gate. I know you're all sick of snow there, but it can make for breathtaking photos.