18 March 2014

Division of Labor, Reversed

I do actually have other things to post about, and hopefully life will settle down so that I can post more frequently, but in the meantime, it's only fair that I participate in this week's Ten on Tuesday, since we are to list the reverse of last week's topic.

10 Things You Do That Your Spouse Could Do But Doesn't

1.  Laundry.  I am one of the few people who actually likes to do laundry.  It goes into the washer all dirty and wrinkled, sometimes smelly, and then comes out clean and fresh.  And for me at least, folding laundry appeals to my sense of order, and is somewhat therapeutic.

2.  Scooping the litter box.  Though The Tim does the weekly scrubbing, etc., of said box, I'm the one who scoops every day.

3.  Dusting.  Dusting is like the laundry for me - immediate gratification!

4.  Pay bills.  A few years back, The Tim decided he had a "better" way to pay bills than mine, so he took it over.  Then after a month, it was all mine again.  And we  had to pull money out of savings to even out some things, since part of his way of doing it was to pay an entire bill the day it was received.  Probably works if you are wealthy ...

5.  Keeping up with birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  This has always been something I enjoy doing.

6.  Wrapping gifts.  Well, at least most of them.  The Tim is an excellent wrapper, but often doesn't have the time to do it, particularly at holiday time, when he works 6 days a week.

7.   Cleaning the house.  As previously mentioned, he does the vacuuming and cleans the bathrooms, but I'm the one who does the rest of the cleaning.  (Albeit not as often as I should ...)

8.  Vet appointments for the cats and dog.  He is happy to take them, but it never occurs to him to make an appt for them, unless [God forbid] they are very sick.

9.  Getting rid of clutter that is not specifically his.  I get rid of my clutter, and the overall general clutter that comes from living.  I do not however, touch his, even though it drives me crazy.  But he has a tendency to put important papers in the same pile as Publishers' Clearinghouse mailings, and other than obvious ones, I'm not willing to figure it out.

10.  Decorate for holidays.  A lot of times it's not convenient for his schedule, but for most holidays, I'm the one who gets out most of the decorations and places them.  Though at Christmastime, we do a lot of it together, which is especially nice.


As I mentioned before, we actually do share most things; but as I suspect is the case with a lot of other people, some things just turn out being His and Hers ...


Donna said...

I have to say most of the pet detail usually falls on me. He would never think of making a vet appointment. He wouldn't even know who to call!

Anonymous said...

We are definitely a his and hers chores. There are just some things Steve does much better than I do. He is a MUCH better grocery shopper.

He will hunt down bargains. Me? Not so much.

BUT ....I'm great at laundry. ;-)

kathy b said...

Fireman does most of the laundry…… usually
I take the cats to the vet..always.
I dust. He rarely dusts. THis is funny b/c when we had a maid his main complaint was that she didn't dust…

dust must …..must dust

Mereknits said...

I actually do most things, and I love a clean house, but am finding it hard to find the time to do it these days. Laundry is fine, but I can not stand when I do it and my boys do not put it away, a big pet peeve with me.

Lorraine said...

Bridget- I don't mind laundry at all. It is very therapeutic.

Like when you see those shows when a house is a wreck and then it's all fixed up.