11 March 2014

Division of Labor

Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is a funny one (at least to me):

10 Things You Can Do Yourself But Get Your Husband to Do Instead

Now, I know I am lucky, because ever since we have been married, The Tim and I have shared most chores, activities, etc. related to hearth and home.  And since The Tim has strong Felix Unger characteristics (aka he is somewhat of a clean freak - albeit only about certain things), he does some things all of the time because he thinks I don't do it as well.  Which is fine with me.  

In any case, here is my list:

1.  Clean the bathroom.  Apparently this is one of the things I don't do as well.  Though as far as I know, no one has ever died from being in our bathroom when I cleaned it.  But since I hate cleaning the bathroom, it's all his.  

2.  Vacuum.  You guessed it - I also don't do this very well.  Again, I am happy to let him live it up.

3.  Shovel snow.  I will admit, I don't enjoy doing this, but it's not like I can't.  This year, it turned out that every time we got a huge snowstorm, he was either already home on a day off, or got home from work before I did.

4.  Clean the litterboxes.  I have been told that he has "a system" and it's "just easier" for him to do it.  

5.  Wash windows.  Don't ask.  It involves another system.

6.  Scrub floors.  Again, just don't ask.

7.  Wash the car.  I really don't do much with the car, since I don't drive I am only ever a passenger.  But he gets a particular pride out of washing the car HIS WAY, so I stay out of the way altogether on this one.

8.  Give the dog a bath.  He LOVES doing this.  

9.  Prune the trees, roses, etc. when appropriate.

10.  Repairs or painting around the house.  OK, so I don't necessarily know how to do a lot of these things, but the things I do know how to do are usually done by him as well.


You may think from reading this that we must have an immaculate, sparkling home.  You would be wrong.  One of the things I do well is get rid of clutter.  One of the things he does well is create it.  Plus, we have three cats and a dog, so "House Beautiful" is not likely to show up to do a magazine spread on our house anytime soon ... 


Donna said...

House Beautiful isn't making a trip over to our house either for a centerfold. But we make it work and have time for fun - just like you guys seem to do. I love that your hubby has systems for things!

Nancy said...

Sounds like you have a "keeper.," so hang on to your husband!

margene said...

Good hubbies are a great bonus. It's nice to know we married well.

Lisa said...

I am good at de-cluttering, too, and I love that the Goodwill likes it when I pull up to the donation drive-thru! :)

Patty said...

I am the de-clutterer as well! The paper piles would be endless. But our systems work right? Thank goodness!!

Rebecca said...

lol! sounds like my dad.he owuld always come and take the washing stuff out of our hands when we tried to wash the car as we obviously werent doing it to his standards

kathy b said...

I love your list. Most of those things would also be on mine. Fireman is a good good cook. He is the keeper of the clicker for the TV and I don't mind a bit. he flips more than I would, but it keeps the viewing interesting.

Fireman cleans the cars very well too

Kym said...

I love your list! What has become so obvious to me in reading the posts this week . . . is how couples work together to manage their lives and their home spaces. Pretty cool! :-)

Lorraine said...

Bridget- If he has a system, more power to him.

I think guys are better at litter box duties anyway.

Lynn said...

Hey if he's got a system, why mess with it? Esp when it has to do with cleaning the worst parts of the house!!!

elns said...

I like your list. Unfortunately I think I'm the one that creates the clutter. I mean he specializes in different clutter, but I probably bring more volume. The Kid is kind of a pain in the tuckus about this too.

Anonymous said...

Never mess with a "man with a system!" If it works for you, it WORKS!