28 June 2014

And Now For Some Knitting!

Before I go any further, thanks very much to all of you for your kind comments and concern about my fall.  It's still a mystery what happened, though I am still of the belief that I tripped, fell, and knocked myself out.  In any case, I'm feeling better a little bit each day, and have gone from really swollen and purple to slightly swollen with more of a yellow tinge. :-)  I got the stitches on my upper lip taken out, and head back to work this coming Monday.  The dentist even put a temporary fix on my tooth!  So, I'm getting there.


As promised above though, I have a knitting project to show you.  This is one I am really pleased with, and that was fun to knit.

On May 10, we added another great-niece to my family when my niece Julie and her husband Keith became parents to baby Penn.  You may recall from a previous post or two, that I had been wanting to make the Baby Tea Leaves sweater for her.  Well, I got that really well underway when I realized that I wasn't gonna have enough yarn to finish it!  (Sometimes I wonder about myself.   But that's a post for another day.)  But thanks to Ravelry, I could search for projects based on the amount of yarn I had, and found one that I thought was worth a try.  And before I knew it, I had a sweet little baby sweater for a sweet little baby.

I just love the way it turned out!  If you are looking for a baby knit that has some interest but is not overly involved to knit, this is it.


Project:  Penn's First Sweater
Pattern:  Liliana, by Irishgirlieknits
Size:  3 months (smallest)
Yarn:  Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport Solid, in the Lace Kelly colorway (I used most of one skein)
Needles:  Size 5 US
Modifications:  None
Comments:  I got this yarn as part of a Soakbox package, and had every intention of using it for myself.  But when I decided to make a sweater for my new great-niece, I wanted to use stash yarn if at all possible.  I decided since I'd had this for a while already and had not used it, I'd go ahead and use it for this project.  I'm so glad I did, because not only is it a beautiful color, and lovely yarn to work with, but it's a little different for a baby.

The pattern is really well-written, and once you get going on the lace part, it's very easy to memorize and finish.  If you want a quick and lovely project for a small amount of yarn, I recommend this one!

Not only did I have yarn I liked for the sweater, but I found the perfect button for it:

I truly love this little birdie button!  The little bit of blue in the middle matched the yarn perfectly, and it added a perfect touch of whimsy to the whole thing.

The package including the sweater was sent, and was a big hit.  My niece said that the sweater fit now, but also had plenty of room to grow.  And since they would be leaving their apartment in Brooklyn to go to Los Angeles during June and July for her work, she said it would be especially useful.

Here is a picture of Penn wearing her sweater.  (She looks rather shocked about the whole thing, don't you think? Please note that the color in the picture above is closer to the actual color of the finished item ... but that one doesn't have a baby wearing it!)

We are looking forward to meeting her in person once they get back from California.  In the meantime, I'm glad that a little bit of us is already part of her life.


Have a lovely weekend!


Mereknits said...

Penn is a beauty and I love her name. So glad you are healing, that must have been so scary. Bless your heart, relax and rest so you can be good to go very soon.

Nancy said...

Glad you are on the mend and that things are starting to improve.

Love the adorable sweater and the sweet baby wearing it!

kathy b said...

Love her name. Love her sweater. Happy new baby

Linda said...

Happy to hear you are on the mend! I'm so glad that someone came along and was kind enough to help you! And so glad to hear your doggie stayed there with you!

Penn - oh how I love that name!
Where does it come from? Meaning I'm nosey and want to know the background of it (if there is any)...

Linda in VA

Caffeine Girl said...

I'm glad to hear you're on the mend, but it is such a mystery about the fall!

That is a darling sweater and it looks really sweet on Penn (I'm also curious about the name).

elns said...

Bridget, I had to stop reading your post to scroll down. I completely missed your post on your fall! I am so glad you are recovering well and nothing too serious happened (broken bones ...) Anyhow I wish you happy health. I love the baby sweater and the detailed button really makes it special. I am unfamiliar with this pattern but it may be what I need for a future project. All the best.

Ann in the UP said...

Love the sweater and the color. The baby is cute too, though she looks bored with the picture taking already. LOL

KSD said...

She does look a little bewildered. Perhaps a personal moment was interrupted?

Kym said...

What a beautiful baby sweater! We have a new baby due to arrive in my husband's family in August. I think you've just inspired my gift selection! :-)

I hope you're healing well and feeling fine!