21 November 2014

Five Favorites for This Friday

Admittedly, this week is an easy one, since it was a great week overall.  But it still counts, even if you don't have to dig deep for things that made you happy, right?

1.  Last weekend, we were in Baltimore visiting family.  Perfect weather, and we got to see nearly everyone, and had a blast.

2.  As part of that weekend, we went to a performance by Hot Rize,   One of the members, Tim O'Brien, is a guy I was in elementary school with (he later went to a different high school), a few years ahead of me.  Then later on, my brother-in-law became his father's law partner.  The show was great!

3.  Monday evening, we went to an installment of the Authors Series at the Free Library of Philadelphia, and got to see/hear Alan Cumming, who is one of my favorite actors and people!  He was talking about his new book, Not My Father's Son.  He was so engaging, I think it must be fun to actually know him.

4. Tuesday was The Tim's birthday.  Both of us took the day off work, and we had a fun, relaxing day, topped off with trying a new restaurant for dinner, and of course, presents and birthday cake!  The only down side, according to him, is that now for the next four months, we will be the same age, and he doesn't like that, since I'm "old."

5.  Kim received the package I sent her in a swap, while I received an amazing package from Alyssa.  (I'll post about that with pictures separately.)  Kim seemed really pleased with her things, and I was blown away by my package.

Life is especially good sometimes, you know?

Have a wonderful weekend!


KSD said...

Quite jealous about the Alan Cumming thing.

Marie said...

I've met Tim O'Brien. It was brief and probably forgettable to him. I was in a group that brought traditional music acts to Charleston, and Hot Rize happened to be one of the groups. They may have come twice. I remember that Hot Rize had an alternate personality called Red Knuckles and the Trailblazers. Both styles of music were enjoyable.

elns said...

I like favorites whether it's been a good week or bad week, leading up. Consider me a fan :)

I am glad that you spent the day with The Tim to celebrate. As I get older I am reminding myself how lucky I am to celebrate things with people I love. It seems so obvious when I write that out, but I can be prone to looking at the wrong side of things if given the mood. Sigh, what a waste of energy, right?